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Pushups for Progress: Thomas Kia Does 22 for Veteran Suicide Awareness


Only those who have served our country in the military truly know the rigors of war. Those of us who have never served can only begin to imagine what goes on when someone in the Armed Forces goes overseas to fight, but we all understand the job is one of the most physically and emotionally demanding ones in all of the world.

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South Shore Line Service Advisory: Expect Possible Delays as Temperatures Exceed 95 Degrees

ea-south-shore-line-coverSouth Shore passengers may encounter delays of 15-20 minutes over the next several days because of rising temperatures. When temperatures exceed 95 degrees Fahrenheit, we operate trains at reduced speed to compensate for heat-related stress on our track, switches and signals.

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South Shore Line Welcomes Educators to Ride Free of Charge


To show appreciation for local teachers, the South Shore Line (SSL) is welcoming local educators to ride the train for free from Monday, August 1 through Sunday, August 7 on off-peak weekday and all weekend trains.

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How BoBB CDJR's Small Shift in Perspective is Having a Big Impact on Business


In every situation in life, you take from it what you make from it.

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Muller Acura: Made in America


I grew up in the “Like a Rock” days of American car commercialism. The days where the work ethic of blue-collar jobs, the rugged freedom of an empty dirt road, and the sweat dripping from a hard day’s work were sexy.

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Chasing Passion: Meet Moe Youssef of Thomas KIA of Highland

moe-1We all have a passion. Whatever it is, we all have that something that burns within us. Some brush that passion to the side for the sake of reality, thinking that whatever it is we love to do, it just can’t be done. For others, like Moe Youssef of Thomas KIA of Highland, the passion is too strong to be passed up; so you chase it.

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Win Tickets to the Brickyard at Levin Tire


Any professional Nascar driver will tell you the key to victory is a good pit crew in your corner. Here in Northwest Indiana, Levin Tire, is like your own personal pit crew for your vehicle. Helping you get road ready to take on whatever the day brings during your drive.

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Love Your Car this Summer with Help from First Trust Credit Union

Love Your Car - July 2016You can love your car this summer - First Trust Credit Union has hot deals on summer auto loans!

First Trust is offering low rates and fast approval on the purchase of a new or used vehicle. And First Trust is giving you a special gift of No Payments for 60 Days!

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Northwest Indiana Auto Trade Association Holds Annual Golf Outing, Raises Money for Scholarships


On Tuesday, the Northwest Indiana Auto Trade Association (NIATA) held their annual Golf Outing and Scholarship Fundraiser at Innsbrook Country Club in Merrillville. The event brought together NIATA members which included automobile dealers and representatives from associated industries to raise money for scholarships that NIATA has been giving out for over a dozen years.

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2016 Hobart Chamber Car Show Showcases Classic Cars, Good Times


Blue skies, warm weather, and a collection of beautiful classic cars are waiting for you today at the car show and family fun day, presented by the Hobart Chamber of Commerce at Elks Lodge 1152 in Hobart.

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Muller Acura of Merrillville Second Chance Loans: A Rare Opportunity for a Fresh Start

Muller-Acura 2

For many people, a car is a necessity; it’s their only means of transportation to get to a job that puts food on the table, and lets them build a life, or build their life back up.

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