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For Over 50 Years, Erwin's Marine Has Been On Top of the Business of Family Fun

For decades, Erwin’s Marine has been the go-to place for boating enthusiasts all around Northwest Indiana and the Chicagoland area. With summer fast approaching, what better way to spend your summertime than with a new boat for relaxation, recreation and fun for the whole family.

Located on Lincolnway Avenue, Erwin’s Marine was founded in 1959 and for over fifty years has built a reputation for great service and products for boaters all around the region.

“My grandfather started the business back in the fifties,” explained Scott Erwin, Owner of Erwin’s Marine. “We do everything; we buy and sell boats, store for the winter, and we have a full mechanic service for boats in need of work and maintenance.”

Featuring a stock of new and used boats, Erwin’s Marine is ready to help find you the perfect boat to meet your needs, whether it’s a ski boat for the more adventurous individuals or a pontoon boat for a relaxing ride with the family.

“Pontoon boats have become very popular, especially with families,” Erwin said. “It’s a family-oriented boat, because it’s basically an outside patio on the water. We’re really selling to the homeowner rather than to the boater.”

Pontoon boats have grown more popular in recent years. Before, the leisure boats were largely looked over, but with new luxury designs and features, more and more families are turning towards relaxation and a place to entertain.

“Everything is luxury with the newer pontoon boats,” Erwin explained. “Leather seats, seating for tons of people, LED lights, and for some, a full bar. I mean, how fun would this be to go out with a group of people, have a place for people to relax, and just have a good time?”

One thing that has not changed in the pontoon boat over the years, however, has been the simplicity in the design and how it is used. They’re easy to use, durable, and are constantly being updated with new features and new technology. This simplicity makes them all the rage in the boating industry today.

“Pontoon boats are always progressing and being reinvented,” Erwin said. “It’s fun to see that progression of the boat’s design and how they’ve changed throughout the years. There’s always something cool being added.”

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Recently, Erwin’s Marine was welcomed into the Tigé Boats family, making the Valparaiso dealership one of three dealerships in Indiana that sells the luxury ski boats. Perfect for the individuals and families who love water sports and adventure, ski boats are sure to add some excitement to your day on the water.

“What I see a lot is that if you grew up doing water sports, then you’re most likely going to want to buy a motorboat with those water sport capabilities,” Erwin said. “Like in my family, we all love water sports, especially skiing, so we are more drawn to ski boats for our days on the water. One of our rules is that everyone in the family has to water ski until you fall down!”

Along with towing capabilities for water sports like tubing, water skiing, and wake boarding, newer versions have built-in cameras in the back of the boat with the ability to record video, along with an amazing sound system.

“And of course, they’re going to look pretty cool in the water,” Erwin said.

Erwin’s Marine’s stock doesn’t stop at pontoon and ski boats. Fishing boats for the avid fisherman and deck boats for the person who can’t decide between a motorboat and pontoon boat are ready for a ride out on the water.

“Fishing boats are constantly changing with new technology and other features every year,” Erwin explained. “And for deck boats, those are always a good compromise between a pontoon and a ski boat.”

Don’t forget about those accessories! Erwin’s Marine will have you equipped with everything you need, from life jackets to boat care and maintenance, to the fun items like tubes and rafts for water sports.

Erwin’s Marine in Valparaiso has everything you need to make your summer the best one yet. With boats for every personality and interest, and accessories to add a little more excitement, Erwin’s Marine is the perfect one-stop-shop for everything boating.

Come on down to Erwin’s Marine, located at 1858 W Lincolnway Avenue, or go to their website at

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