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Community Involvement is the Key Ingredient at Culver's of Valparaiso

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Many have visited the Valparaiso Culver’s to enjoy good food and a scoop of their delicious frozen custard. Throughout the year though, Culver’s does more than just serve up good food and treats, they also make an effort to help the community through various programs. They’ve hosted multiple events to benefit different organizations in the area, each month they choose a charity to donate to, and are even taking a Culver’s campaign and continuing it locally.

Community involvement is important to franchise owner Wendy Gates.

“We’re very community involved it’s my favorite part of my job. I believe that being involved in the community as a business person is paramount to being successful, said Gates. “Community involvement is a part of who I am and a part of the Culver’s philosophy. It’s amazing.”

Culver’s hosts a variety of events in order to benefit local charities. Through their charity of the month program, Culver’s has donated to the local YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs, 4-H, Emma’s Footprints, and many others. At this point, trying to keep the fundraising events new and exciting is what Gates focuses on.

“I don’t want to do the same thing every month, and as much as I’m constantly trying to brainstorm, we look for new and different ideas. Anyone is welcome to suggest something,” Gates said.

Incorporating community involvement into the culture of Culver’s is important, and without the team behind it, Gates insists that they would never be able to get so much done. The team of employees could be seen smiling, greeting guests, and generally making the experience an enjoyable one for each person. Gates and her general manager, Marilyn Christman, stressed the importance of their team.

“I would love to congratulate myself, but I’m just the facilitator,” said Gates. “It’s the people who work for me that make this possible.”

Going by Culver’s, you may see many different things happening. They often try to get the charity they’re benefiting to come to the restaurant so that the community can interact with them and learn more. They’ve hosted cows from the local 4-H, K-9 units from the police force, and members of the YMCA who handed out vouchers for a free day at the YMCA.

Gates believes her desire to help the community is just a part of who she is, but that the culture of the Culver’s franchise took that and enhanced it. Culver’s recently did a national campaign called the Culver’s Custard Hero, which prompted Gates to expand the idea to the local community.

“We’re going to piggyback on the national campaign and have a Culver’s of Valparaiso Community Heroes,” Gates explained. “It’s nice to engage the community and celebrate the positive and good that doesn’t always get a lot of attention.”

Next time you’re stopping by Culver’s of Valparaiso, take a moment to learn about their current charity and what they’re benefiting this month. Chances are they’ve got something great going on to benefit the community.

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