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Starting in Direct Mail with Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service

Creating a marketing campaign can be a huge task for any business looking to get information out to a targeted area, but it doesn't have to be. Despite the scope, completing a direct mail campaign doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service, businesses of any size can get a good start in direct mail!

Many businesses question the worth of direct mail now that social media and other forms of communication are so readily available. With social media, you can make a post but have no way of knowing if it has reached your entire target area. With direct mail, you know that your message has made it into the hands of whomever you’re trying to reach.

“Direct mail is still the one true way to know you’ve connected to the person that you’re trying to reach. With direct mail, the chances are pretty good that they’re going to see your piece,” said Donna Flanagin, Owner of Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service.

The initial thought with direct mailing is that it must saturate an area or include a large number of pieces, but that simply isn’t true. A direct mail initiative can be started with as little as 200 pieces, which is the post office minimum for a postage discount. It is possible to get a targeted mailing out without breaking the bank, all you need is the right people to help!

“Businesses are very surprised sometimes - especially a new company that is just starting - at how inexpensive it can be to get started. You can just do 200 pieces every month or every two weeks and you can break it into financially manageable chunks,” said Flanagin.

Many business owners often think they’ll save money by doing the mailings themselves. Consulting a mail service and having them do the work for you offers a lot of benefits, though. Just one of those benefits is the postage discount that they can get, which is unavailable to those outside of the business. They also have extensive expertise in mailing lists, something which can aid in targeting specific households.

“When using our company, you get deep postage discounts that you cannot get on your own,” said Flanagin. “We can also get specific mailing lists for households with children or households with a specific income, or for certain zip areas.”

Knowing where to get a reputable list and how to utilize it are important traits that are difficult for people outside of the business to do accurately. With lists populating online constantly, accuracy and updates are an easy pitfall for those trying to mail on their own.

Another difficulty for those outside the business is understanding the rules and regulations provided by the post office.

“Our expertise is in knowing all the rules and regulations of the post office that are very hard to navigate for many companies,” said Flanagin. “The post office has a lot of rules and regulations and through that we can guide the customer to the best value and design of their mail piece.”

Navigating the regulations and getting your mail piece out quickly can be essential when running a business, especially when promoting sales or coupons. Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service is able to help both large and small businesses in direct mailings, and can make suggestions to help you stay within your budget!

If you’d like to begin getting your name out there but aren't sure how, or have a mail project that needs to get done, head over to Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service and see what they can do to save you time and money!


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