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Von Tobel Gets New Look with Facade and Warehouse Updates

A new look always changes perception and the way someone feels. For a storefront, or a whole brand, it brings in an entirely new way of dealing with customers.

For Von Tobel in Valparaiso, their new look is quite a change, and something they’re eager to get finished up. Anyone driving by their Valparaiso location is sure to notice the extensive updates happening outside, but may not realize the changes are flowing through the entire store itself.

“Part of the rebranding isn’t just about a new color scheme, it’s about updating how we interact with customers. We’ve always been community based, we have a lot of existing and repeat customers, but as Valpo is growing, the people coming in don’t necessarily know about Von Tobel,” explained Tim Ault, General Manager. “Part of it is to give us a fresh look and the chance to interact. We aren’t just a lumberyard, we do a lot of high end and design work and more.”

The new look is certain to turn heads as more and more people drive through the area. With a bold new facade, stonework, landscaping, and updates to their neighboring warehouses, the change is a drastic one, sure to update the brand.

“We’re trying to cooperate with the city of Valpo as they update the downtown,” explained Ault. “With the new bus stop downtown, people will travel through and pass by, so we want to update the look so that it’s makes Valpo and it’s businesses as appealing as possible.”

The changes happening aren’t just to the exterior of the building either. Company vehicles have already had their lettering updated, and the inside of the store will be seeing some changes once the exterior work is completed this winter.

“The Michigan City store and Schererville store have already finished their remodels,” said Ault. “Once our outdoor remodel is done, we’ll begin interior. Aisle signs and markers are going to be changed.”

For Von Tobel, incorporating themselves into the community, focusing on updates, and being present and ready to work with their multitudes of customers is essential to their mission. For them, rebranding isn’t only a new look, but a way to remind people of their many services and high end products offered.

“Design and service features have always been here, this is just a way to remind everyone that those are available. We’ve been in the community for a long time and have been quite happy and successful in Valpo,” explained Ault.

Changing up the look of a well-known local business may prove to be a wonderful way to turn heads and get people to notice. For Von Tobel of Valparaiso, it’s also a way to reshape their future and insure that even new customers know about them and the high-end products and services they offer.

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