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Tune In Each Tuesday for Tips From the Bar with CCSK Law!


Every Tuesday, take you legal questions and concerns to the bar, with people who have passed the Bar!

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Hartman Global IP Law Working with NWI’s The Fischer Group to Bring Energy Efficiency to Industries Across the Country


Recently, Hartman Global IP Law helped secure patents for one region company that is truly on the cutting edge of their industry. The Fischer Group (TFG) is celebrating 20 years in 2017 and their expertise and innovation has led to them to create and lead their industry in energy efficient control solutions.

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Hartman Global IP Law: Connecting Innovators with Incredible Resources Like PNW’s ‘Commercialization and Manufacturing Excellence Center’ and the ISBDC


So, you’re an innovator. A creator, an inventor, and an entrepreneur. You’ve got your idea for a product or a way of doing something differently that’s going to change a life, an industry, or the world! What now?!

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Hartman Global IP Law Helps One Local Comic Book Creator Navigate the Ins & Outs of Protecting His Work


Creativity is everywhere and it can be an incredibly powerful trait. From artists and designers to writers and musicians, creativity brings the imaginary to life and drives a lot of what makes living entertaining and interesting.

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Seven Key Points Of Planning An Estate When You Own Stocks and/or a Business

CCSK-Seven-Key-Points-Of-Planning-An-Estate-When-You-Own-Stocks-and-or-a-BusinessIf you hold stock or you have your own business, you may decide that you want to keep the stock and/or business within your family or sell them, in the event of your death.

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CCSK Law: What Happens When An Elderly Person Can No Longer Financially Support Themselves?

CCSK-Law-Elderly-Financial-SupportWhen the elderly grow older, a big worry is that they will run out of money before they run out of years.

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5 Steps to Transform Your Idea Into a Product with Hartman Global Intellectual Property Law

Hartman-Global-Helping-Companies-to-Build-and-Secure-Their-Brand-2016So, you’ve just had an incredible idea that you think could change the world. Whether it’s a new gadget or an improved way of doing something, where do you turn to and what’s next after that ‘Aha!’ moment strikes?

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Hartman Global IP Law: Technological Advances Have Changed Media Protective Rights


Today, it’s easier than ever to have a voice and to get your message out to people across the globe. The smartphones, tablets or laptops that we carry are incredibly powerful tools that make communicating with potentially millions of people just a couple of clicks away.

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Jordan Chelovich: Employee Spotlight for CCSK Law


What makes the foursome of CCSK Law unique is their personal experiences backing and guiding them down their own path of the law. For Jordan Chelovich, the second “C” of CCSK, her former life living overseas and other experiences regarding international processes, sparked her interest into becoming an immigration lawyer in Valpo.

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In a Region Surrounded by Farmland, Hartman Global IP Law Talks Plant Patents

In-a-Region-Surrounded-by-Farmland-Hartman-Global-IP-Law-Talks-Plant-PatentsOver the last half-century, we’ve seen a huge rise in the ways that technology plays a part in our daily lives. We now hold incredibly powerful computers in our hands everyday which allow us to communicate across enormous distances. For the companies creating these ever-improving devices, protecting their ideas and designs is vital to their success.

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Hartman Global Intellectual Property: Protecting the Images and Icons that Drive Branding in the Modern World


In the ever-changing world of how companies market and brand themselves, protecting your identity, your logo and what makes you or your company unique is incredibly important. More and more our eyes are being drawn to logos, icons and graphics from companies that consumers have come to recognize and trust.

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