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Hartman Global IP Law: Technological Advances Have Changed Media Protective Rights


Today, it’s easier than ever to have a voice and to get your message out to people across the globe. The smartphones, tablets or laptops that we carry are incredibly powerful tools that make communicating with potentially millions of people just a couple of clicks away.

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Jordan Chelovich: Employee Spotlight for CCSK Law


What makes the foursome of CCSK Law unique is their personal experiences backing and guiding them down their own path of the law. For Jordan Chelovich, the second “C” of CCSK, her former life living overseas and other experiences regarding international processes, sparked her interest into becoming an immigration lawyer in Valpo.

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In a Region Surrounded by Farmland, Hartman Global IP Law Talks Plant Patents

In-a-Region-Surrounded-by-Farmland-Hartman-Global-IP-Law-Talks-Plant-PatentsOver the last half-century, we’ve seen a huge rise in the ways that technology plays a part in our daily lives. We now hold incredibly powerful computers in our hands everyday which allow us to communicate across enormous distances. For the companies creating these ever-improving devices, protecting their ideas and designs is vital to their success.

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Hartman Global Intellectual Property: Protecting the Images and Icons that Drive Branding in the Modern World


In the ever-changing world of how companies market and brand themselves, protecting your identity, your logo and what makes you or your company unique is incredibly important. More and more our eyes are being drawn to logos, icons and graphics from companies that consumers have come to recognize and trust.

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The New Kids on the Block: Who is CCSK Law?

The-New-Kids-on-the-Block-Who-is-CCSK-LawThe group of Valparaiso University Law graduates of CCSK Law are on a mission to change the delivery of law, to redefine the practice of law. Lofty, yes, but doable, they say.

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‘What Will Happen to the Children?’: CCSK Law Answers Legal Questions in Public Q&A


The complex phrasing of legal documents is so well-known that it has often becomes the butt of movie jokes and comedic skits. In real life, it is a stigma that may intimidate people out of getting the legal advice that they need.

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Hartman Global IP Law Talks ‘Design Patents’

Hartman-Global-IP-Law-Talks-Design-PatentsThe U.S. Patent Office grants various types of patents. Utility patents protect the way that an item works and is used, while design patents cover any items design and the way that item looks.

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Hartman Global: Helping Companies to Build and Secure Their Brand

Hartman-Global-Helping-Companies-to-Build-and-Secure-Their-Brand-2016Branding is an incredibly important part of creating a successful business or product. With the increase in a company's ability to reach potential customers with their products and services it’s vital to register and own any name, logo, or design associated with that company.

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Hartman Global Intellectual Property Law Helping Inventors Get Their Ideas Off The Ground

Hartman-Global-Intellectual-Property-Law-Helping-Inventors-Get-Their-Ideas-Off-The-GroundHartman Global IP Law, in Valparaiso, has been helping creators and inventors to get their ideas out into the real world through patents since 1990. Hartman Global can help take your idea or invention and turn it into a marketable product through their expertise of patents and patent law.

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Hartman Global Intellectual Property Law: Know Before You Share

Hartman-Global-25-YearsMusic is more accessible than it’s ever been and for music creators who sample or use other artists’ songs or sounds, whether it’s a whole song, a vocal melody, a guitar riff, or simply a drum beat, it’s vital to have some understanding of the rules around ‘Fair Use’ and ‘Copyright.’

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Hartman Global Discusses the Difference Between Copyright and Trademark

HartmanGlobalWhile the terms trademark and copyright both carry similar weight in regards to protecting the intellectual or designed property of an individual, company or organization, the differences between what these two terms represent is quite different.

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