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Hartman Global IP Law Talks ‘Design Patents’

Hartman-Global-IP-Law-Talks-Design-PatentsThe U.S. Patent Office grants various types of patents. Utility patents protect the way that an item works and is used, while design patents cover any items design and the way that item looks.

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Hartman Global: Helping Companies to Build and Secure Their Brand

Hartman-Global-Helping-Companies-to-Build-and-Secure-Their-Brand-2016Branding is an incredibly important part of creating a successful business or product. With the increase in a company's ability to reach potential customers with their products and services it’s vital to register and own any name, logo, or design associated with that company.

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Hartman Global Intellectual Property Law Helping Inventors Get Their Ideas Off The Ground

Hartman-Global-Intellectual-Property-Law-Helping-Inventors-Get-Their-Ideas-Off-The-GroundHartman Global IP Law, in Valparaiso, has been helping creators and inventors to get their ideas out into the real world through patents since 1990. Hartman Global can help take your idea or invention and turn it into a marketable product through their expertise of patents and patent law.

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Hartman Global Intellectual Property Law: Know Before You Share

Hartman-Global-25-YearsMusic is more accessible than it’s ever been and for music creators who sample or use other artists’ songs or sounds, whether it’s a whole song, a vocal melody, a guitar riff, or simply a drum beat, it’s vital to have some understanding of the rules around ‘Fair Use’ and ‘Copyright.’

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Hartman Global Discusses the Difference Between Copyright and Trademark

HartmanGlobalWhile the terms trademark and copyright both carry similar weight in regards to protecting the intellectual or designed property of an individual, company or organization, the differences between what these two terms represent is quite different.

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Hartman Global IP Discusses What Exactly is Fair Use


In this age of sharing and creating content, being aware of the fair use doctrine is an important thing for any content creator to be aware of. While the rules may seem straightforward and while most would assume that they would be safe to write or talk about any kind of content they choose, there are many factors to consider before you hit record.

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Scott McClure Brings Professionalism to New Position as Porter County Attorney


Scott McClure has busy serving Porter County. Along with his current position as a practicing attorney for law firm Rhame and Elwood, he recently accepted the position of Porter County Attorney, adding a new set of responsibilities to his already long and distinguished career.

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Hartman Global IP is Ready to Help Clients Through the Patent Process


 For many, the dream of having their own invention or idea come to fruition is a goal that comes with plenty of challenges and steps necessary to succeed. For an average inventor navigating this environment, it often comes with plenty of obstacles and processes that provide a long and grueling process to navigate.

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Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program Tax Preparation Hours at the United Way of Porter County

unitedway portercountyAppointments for free federal and state tax preparation at the United Way of Porter County (UWPC) are being accepted starting Tuesday, January 19. Free tax preparation is limited to taxpayers with an adjusted gross income of $54,000 or less with certain other limitation based on the training scope of the volunteer preparers.

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Hartman Global IP Has the Knowledge and Expertise When it Comes to Patents


For inventors who have the "next big thing" waiting to set the world on fire, the legal experts at Hartman Global IP are ready to help take your invention from idea to reality, while helping along the way with each step and process.

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Hartman Global IP Provides Support and Expertise to Businesses and Individuals


When it comes to new ideas and new designs, having legal control and legal knowledge of your creations is of paramount importance to both businesses and individual creators.

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