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1st Source Bank's Focus on Relationships is a Perfect Fit for Agricultural Banking

Agriculture is one of the major backbones of the Midwest. For generations, farmers have been responsible for feeding and providing for American families as well as ensuring that healthy and wholesome food is on tables generation after generation.

1st Source Bank has earned a reputation for being a reliable provider of agricultural (Ag) banking services for farmers in Northwest Indiana. For years, farmers have counted on 1st Source Bank for their expertise and services they provide. 

"Ag banking includes all parts of agricultural lending," says Business Banker and Agricultural Loan Officer Catherine Langford. "This includes working closely with both farmers and landlords."

Some of the services 1st Source Bank provides to farmers includes leasing for farming equipment, insurance, and investment options geared towards those involved in the agriculture field.

"There has been a multitude of farmers who have relied on the services we provide as well as the experts who work closely with farmers," says Langford. "We have farmers and families who have been with us for three generations and I think this is one of the things that sets us apart from others. There are not many banks that offer Ag banking in the region, and this allows us to establish long relationships with farmers."

It is through this experience and dedication to building long-lasting and meaningful relationships that makes 1st Source Bank a one-stop shop for farmers looking to make further their financial goals.

"We pride ourselves on being a relationship-based lender. We don't actively promote our Ag banking services but we do work closely and are heavily involved in the farming communities we serve. We want to make sure we are both established and trustworthy to those who work with us," says Langford.

1st Source Bank's involvement in the community involves purchasing 4H livestock from fairs, donating animals in order to support food pantries along with maintaining an excellent relationship with Farm Service Agency (FSA).

This also extends to how Ag bankers work with farmers. Not content to sit in an office and discuss financial options, 1st Source Ag bankers prefer to work one-on-one with farmers, often leaving the office and traveling to farms to talk with clients in an environment where they are most comfortable.

"The farming community is an amazing group of people," says Langford. "That is why we enjoy going out to their farms to talk to them there. We get to see exactly what they have and can assess the best way to go about helping them."

"When you get a farmer on their own turf, not in an office, you really see them open up about their farm and livelihood," says Langford. "It's so fun to see people get excited about their passion."

Banks are often lumped together as a "one size fits all" when it comes to businesses and banking. 1st Source offers more than that and by taking the steps to ensure that relationships are built with farmers and their communities that last for generations.

"We love building meaningful relationships as well as being able to adapt and understand the changes that come to farming," says Langford." "Farmers are always on the cutting edge when it comes to technology and just like them, we also have to adapt and be on the cutting edge for them."

For more information on 1st Source Ag Banking, please visit their website and make sure you stay connected to the latest updates on social media through Facebook and Twitter.


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