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Markets & Investing

IGel Brings Virtual Efficiencies to the Physical Device

IGEL-HedgehogIGEL-HedgehogI recently wrote a post that outlined the Citrix story in terms of the core problem that they solve and how that lines up with Hogan Consulting Group and their methodology.

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IU Northwest to Host Money Smart Resource Fair April 12

Money Smart Week press conference on April 3 announces finalists of Money Smart Kid video contest

rot1On Saturday, April 12, Indiana University Northwest will host a free Money Smart Resource Fair aimed at teaching people strategies for better money management. Money Smart offers adults sound strategies and advice for stretching their dollars further, avoiding scams and pitfalls, and investing in a more secure financial future.

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Are You a Smart Retirement Saver?

1st-source-iraSmart savers know to participate in their companies' 401(k)s to benefit from as many years of saving and compounding as possible. But REALLY SMART savers know to open an IRA, as well!

What is an IRA? IRAs are tax-advantaged savings account designed to help you save for retirement. There are two types of IRAs, Traditional and Roth, each offering their own advantages. Both IRA types offer tax benefits allowing the money you save to compound and grow quickly. With the Roth, you can even use the money on a first time home purchase, without penalty.

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Is the 4 Percent Rule Still Valid?

401k-horizonSince the 1990s, the 4 percent rule of retirement withdrawal has been a guiding light in estimating whether investors will have enough money to last the rest of their lives. This rule states that you should withdraw no more than 4 percent from your retirement savings every year during retirement. But economic conditions and market volatility in recent years have called this rule into question.

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How Monthly Payments Add Up

budgetYou can handle one low monthly payment, right? What about when one low monthly payment turns into several monthly payments? From cars to furniture, advertisers like to point out how their product can be yours if you can make an “easy” monthly payment. Looked at individually, these monthly payments can often seem very affordable. But beware! The costs of monthly payments can add up fast, leaving your finances in jeopardy.

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Opportunity Enterprises Partners with 1st Source for Finance Workshop

OE-Family-Finance-Workshop-05On Wednesday January 22, families had the chance to gather at Opportunity Enterprises to get a comprehensive explanation of a very important topic. It was a chance to hear about the options 1st Source Bank offers to those planning for the life of their special needs children.

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10 Ways to Reduce Spending this Week

how-to-make-a-budgetReducing spending doesn’t have to be a painful or negative experience. Here are some simple ways you can cut your spending this week without dramatically changing your lifestyle:

1. Track your expenses. The first step to altering spending habits is to determine where your money is currently going. Seeing how you are currently spending may reveal some easy changes you can make right away.

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