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NWI Realty RoundUp December 2017: Homes with Counters for Holiday Pot Lucks


It's December, and that means holiday parties. Check out these homes with big counters perfect for pot luck dinners with the family.

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Real Estate Licensing Institute Offering Deal for January Classes

Real-Estate-Licensing-Institute-Offering-Deal-for-January-ClassesThe Real Estate Licensing Institute is offering a Holiday Special for January classes! Those registering for the January 2018 Indiana Pre-Licensing Broker Course can receive $99 off their classes, making this program even more affordable! A Payment of $400 toward the class must be received before December 29th.

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Anita Hershman Uses Teaching Experience to Aid Students at the Real Estate Licensing Institute


Inspiring and dedicated instructors can be a beacon of hope when looking into advancing your education. As an adult, furthering education can be a daunting, and often discouraging task when faced with the realization that formal education ended a long time ago.

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Caring for the Life of Your Home: Winterizing


The holiday season is already upon us, and as the seasons change homeowners are going to face a new series of challenges. Icy garages and driveways, window condensation and fireplace troubles, and perhaps scariest of all, houseguests. We want to make sure you can provide your home with the best care possible to ensure it has a long and healthy life.

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The Lynda Anderson Group of Boulder Bay Realty Group Sets Themselves Apart Through Care

The Boulder Bay Realty Group sets themselves apart from other realtors through the immense amount of care they have not only for their clients, but everyone involved in the transaction of buying and selling real estate. The realtors of the Lynda Anderson Team at Boulder Bay Realty Group don’t just combine the latest technology and best negotiation skills in the business to help their clients buy and sell real estate, they really care about what they do and how they do it.

The foundations of each of their business relationships are rooted firmly in 5 core principles: Integrity, Loyalty, Dreaming Big by improving themselves every day, Knowledge through educating themselves continuously, and Working Hard. The team truly does live up to these core ideas every day, as evidenced by these real client testimonials!

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Building Trust and Cherishing Family Bring Yvonne Sabocik Joy in Her Life and Career


There are those of us who work for a paycheck and then there are the fortunate few who find their passion in life and do what they love. Twenty-nine years ago, Yvonne Sabocik became one of those people when she followed a hunch and jumped in with both feet into the real estate industry and hasn’t left yet.

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Really Excellent People: Frances Burkett

REP-Frances-Burkett-01Northwest Indiana is a growing area of the country that welcomes many families that make their way to us. And with the families come the homes in which they must reside. So who comes in to play when it’s time to buy or sell a home? There are multiple businesses in the area, but one stands out in particular. Realty Executives Premier, located in downtown Valparaiso, gives home buyers and sellers the people, experience and knowledge to get the job done right on the first try.

Here we are with our 4th agent in the REP series. You’ve already read about Jason Utesch, Jon Wolf, and Karl Wehle. Now let me introduce you to Frances Burkett. She is a Real Estate Broker and her duties as a real estate broker vary depending on if he client is a buyer or a...

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A Real Estate Licensing Institute Success Story: Sarah Budgin

Real-Estate-Licensing-Institute-Sarah-BudginChanging careers while raising children can be very stressful. Add required schooling and pre-licensing courses to that and that which was hard suddenly seems insurmountable. While that may be the case for some, Sarah Budgin took the challenge head on and found help and guidance in the Real Estate Licensing Institute.

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NWI Realty RoundUp November 2017: Homes with a Rustic Feel


It's November, and the holidays are upon us. Nothing says, "Thanksgiving," quite like these down to earth, rustic homes.

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Partners of Life: Best of Real Estate


The real estate scene is booming in Northwest Indiana! Not only are there a ton of great homes and properties on the market at all times, but there are a great number of real estate agencies, teams, and realtors out there working hard to connect the right residents with the right homes.

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Hines Plumbing Has Picturesque and Centrally Located Properties For Rent!


Are you looking for a beautiful rental property located centrally in Valparaiso? Hines Plumbing has got you covered with some beautiful properties with picturesque views for single or married renters. If you’re looking for a location that allows you to get the most out of the Valpo experience, these properties are sure to impress. Also available for rent is a newly built shop or office space, also conveniently located! Check out these locations and get the most out of your living space!

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