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Jessica Vale Brings Her Passion For Real Estate To Realty Executives Premier

Recently, Jessica Vale was welcomed to the team at Realty Executives Premier and, in joining the Valparaiso-based company, she brings with her a genuine passion for working in the real estate business.

Vale, originally a native of Lake County, moved to Porter County after obtaining her degree from Purdue University and began working in Chicago, making the commute every day. Shortly thereafter, Vale was a part of the founding of a real estate investment company which were her first steps into the business.

After working in real estate for several years, Vale then decided to go back to school to obtain her master’s degree in business and finance.

"I worked outside of the industry for a while and never really found what I was looking for,” Vale said. “I then decided that, instead of working in the corporate world confined to a cubicle, I wanted to go back and find my roots in real estate. I really love real estate, I am passionate about it, and that’s when I became a broker, and able to use all of my knowledge and skills in a career I love.”

“I love everything about houses,” she said. “I love the architecture, the interior design and the stories the homes tell. So, I feel like the passion I have the homes and buildings themselves, in addition to the business side of real estate, is the perfect marriage.”

When Vale gets to take those first steps into a home with people, it’s just as exciting for her as it is for them.

“I get to see kitchens that haven’t been touched since the 50’s and I get to see the old architecture. You don’t see a lot of it in new construction. You get to see different styles and designs that have changed over the years.”

“I’ve always been fascinated by that and I’ve also been fascinated by people’s tastes,” Vale added. “You can go from extremely modern and contemporary to classic and country, and then eclectic art pieces all in one day. I can see that these are stories of people’s lives and it’s a really cool thing.”

For Vale, homes aren’t simply sticks and mortar. To help guide someone through the home buying or selling process, which can be incredibly stressful, takes a certain set of skills. Working to make that process smooth and anxiety-free is Vale’s mission.

“The excitement of listing a house or selling a house, the hustle and bustle of it, and coming to the closing table and bringing everything to fruition, the whole package is pretty whirlwind and exciting,” described Vale. “You get to put on a lot of hats in a day. You can give clients all of the vital information that they need and still make it light-hearted and fun for them too. For instance, if it’s a newlywed couple and maybe they’re not sure how things work, we’re not talking at them but coaching them through it. We’re going to talk them through every step along the way and make it as seamless as possible for them, and it’s rewarding for me to be a part of their story.”

“A home is the epicenter of people's lives and there are a lot of reasons why people sell or buy a home. To be a part of that process can be exciting but it can also be sad. There are a range of emotions involved as every transaction is unique, so knowing what their needs and wants are, doing right by someone and making it your job to make that happen for them is very satisfying.”

While Vale has spent several years in the business, making the recent move to Realty Executives Premier afforded her the opportunities and challenges that she had been seeking, and the welcome from the team has been endearing.

“The brokers here are very well established and very reputable and so for me it was very attractive to be a part of this environment, this energy, and this company,” Vale said. “You’ve got to make changes to evolve and grow. You have to challenge yourself and if that means making a move that is scary or a lot of work, it’s a risk you’ve got to take.”

“Everyone from the office has been very welcoming. I’m new here so it’s great experiencing other personalities and the experiences that other agents have had here. This is a fun group of people and when you walk through the door there’s an energy. You can feel it. It’s very inviting.”

“Mike and Pam (Tezak) are extremely helpful. They’re unbelievably available and knowledgeable. They have the best interest of everyone here at heart. It’s evident by the way they treat us and how accessible they are. They really want us to succeed and they go out of their way to make sure you have all the tools and support that we need to do that,” Vale concluded.

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