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Technology & Tools

Trivia Night Sees Two Winners at the April 2014 NWITweetup

april-2014-nwitweetup-1The NWITweetup crowd gathered at T.J. Maloney’s Authentic Irish Pub on Tuesday, April 22nd for the April 2014NWITweetup event with a special Trivia Night-theme game to raise money for participating Northwest Indiana organizations.

The tweetup saw a solid turnout for the Trivia Night contest, with nonprofits competing for a $250 prize from Berman’s Infiniti of Merrillville. The game saw seven organizations competing in a trivia night with questions about the non- profit sector.

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What's Up in Social Media with D: Facebook’s Disappearing Page Posts

social-media-with-dQ: I have 2,317 Likes on my Facebook page, but suddenly no one is seeing my posts. My Reach has dropped to almost nothing. I hear I’m supposed to pay now. Why? What do I do?

A: It’s true. This process began almost two years ago, but small businesses are really feeling the pinch now. Facebook is restricting Page and Post views in earnest, and some businesses have seen their post Reach drop anywhere from 40 to 90%. That can translate into thousands of lost views for some pages. Facebook says the best way to improve your Reach is to pay to Promote, and many businesses are crying foul. I find this a puzzling response. No one complains that they have to pay for ads in a newspaper or magazine or on high-visibility websites, but there is a persistent belief that social media marketing should be “free.” It isn’t, and it never was. Facebook is a business. All that’s really happened is Facebook has raised its ad rates.

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When Do You Change Your Furnace Filter?

maglish-furnaceAn important part of sustaining the life expectancy of your furnace is maintenance. A clogged filter shortens the life of your furnace because it has to work harder to draw air through the system. This reduces efficiency too. Dirty filters increase the amount of dust you may see on surfaces in your home. The general rule of thumb for replacing your filter is a 1” to 2” filter should be changed monthly, a 3” to 4” should be changed every couple of months and a 5” to 6” filter should be changed every 6 months. This can vary depending on the location of your home. Dust will be heavier during harvest if you live near a cornfield so your filter may become dirty quicker than normal. Living near new construction or having remodeling done in your own home may also shorten the life span of your filter. Here’s a few easy tips.

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Purdue Team Adds Human Touch to National Rube Goldberg Machine Contest Title

2014RubelocalThe student team from the Purdue Society of Professional Engineers is once again national champions after winning the Rube Goldberg Machine Contest Saturday (April 12) in Columbus, Ohio.

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Horizon's Online Systems are SAFE from the Heartbleed Bug

logo-horizon bankRecent news has been reported about the “Heartbleed bug” that can compromise websites and gain your personal information such as passwords.

Horizon Bank’s online banking systems are safe from the Heartbleed bug. Horizon takes many security precautions to help protect our customer’s information. Customers are always protected from any unauthorized transactions.

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April 2014 NWITweetup to Showcase Non-Profits with Game Show Night!

tweetupAprilTJMaloneyMark your calendars-- the date for the next NWITweetup is set! We’ll be hosting a special “Nonprofit Game Show Night” on April 22, 2014 at T.J. Maloney’s Irish Pub for the April 2014 NWITweetup!

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Hey, Nonprofits! Come Print With Us!

rot1If you’ve had work done by AMA Design & Print, then you will know about the quality of work that we produce. We put lots of time and effort in to every project, no matter who the client is. And we have a wide arrange of clients from residential customers, to businesses to nonprofits. In fact, here at AMA Design & Print we do quite a bit of work with nonprofit organizations.

“We do offer the quality excellence that they are looking for as well as staying within their budget,” Kelley Schott, Office Manager at AMA Design & Print said. “I think our staff makes sure all of our customers receive nothing but excellence in the finished products.”

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