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Technology & Tools

7 Tips to Avoid Burst Pipes

busted-pipesThe weather may be mild, but it’s Indiana, and that could mean a flux in temperature anytime to send us into another polar vortex. You need to be prepared just in case. Snow boots, ice scraper, salt for your driveway and sidewalk, bundle up the kiddos, take care of your pipes…

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Free Seminar at REGIONAL: Identity Theft and Data Breaches on Thursday, January 29, 2015

REGIONAL-FCU-Free-Identity-Theft-Seminar"Identity Theft" is a term that covers a broad range of crimes, from high-tech phishing attacks to dumpster-diving for personal documents. Attend this FREE educational seminar and learn how to protect your personal information, and what to do if you are a victim.

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TJMS Green Team is on Screen

TJ-Video-contest 5Thomas Jefferson Middle School has gone green. On Thursday morning a group of nine students were awarded first place in Recycling & Waste District of Porter County's 2014 America Recycles Day Video Contest. The contest asked schools from around the county to send in their best video about how they recycle. Out of all the entries TJMS won first place and was awarded with a bench - which was made out of 1,550 milk cartons.

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You'll Be Sitting Pretty with a Bed from Lynn's Bedroom City

Lynns-BR-Chris-Mitch 5A good night's sleep can help with just about anything and you spend about a third of your life sleeping. But it's hard to sleep well when you have a less-then-comfortable mattress. Enter Lynn's Bedroom City. With multiple locations all over Northwest Indiana, you can bet you will find a great mattress or other household item that fits you perfectly. 

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Ask Jack: Drain Pain

ask-jack-rotatorThis week on “Ask Jack”: slow drains. Jack tells us how how to deal with slow flowing drains.

Hines Plumbing is a fully licensed and insured plumbing company serving Valparaiso since 2000. They pride themselves on being prompt, clean and thoughtful professionals with over 50 years of combined experience. So you can rest assured that your questions are being answered by a man who knows his stuff.

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What's Up in Social Media with D.: What’s the Value of Social Marketing?

social-media-with-dQ: What’s the point of social media marketing? I spend enough already on magazine and newspaper ads.

A: Great question. The answer, as always, lies in what results you’re hoping to achieve with your marketing. Social marketing is very different from traditional marketing. It reaches a different audience and is focused on different outcomes. Sometimes the value of those outcomes can be baffling. I maintain that one shouldn’t rely wholly on a social campaign, but should incorporate it into a complete marketing scheme.

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NWI Social Media Crew Looks into Crystal Ball for 2015

digital-media-predictionsOnce again, Ideas in Motion Media carried on its annual tradition, asking active Northwest Indiana social media users what they see ahead in 2015 in the digital media world. What's going to stay? What's going to go? What's going to boom?

Thanks to all for their responses, which you can read below. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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