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The Mop Squad Cleans Up with a New Website


The Mop Squad, located in Valparaiso, Indiana, has been committed to cleaning homes since 2007. To celebrate their ten year anniversary as a locally owned company, they have decided to launch their brand new website! While they are known for their superior customer service, and friendly employees, their new website is making it even easier to work with them.

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Content Marketing: Your Business’s New Best Friend

Content-Marketing-Your-Business-New-Best-FriendI’ve spoken extensively about role of social media marketing in a strong marketing plan, but I haven’t covered content marketing quite as heavily. That’s a gap that I’m hoping to address today, because content marketing is a very powerful digital marketing tool – one you should definitely have in your toolbox.

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Johnny On The Spot’s VIP Trailer Providing the Best of the Best for Your Event


Johnny On The Spot is a family owned and operated business dedicated to providing prompt, dependable service at competitive rates. They take great pride in the cleanliness of our restrooms!

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STOP! In the Name of Steindler


When we think of signs, our minds usually go straight to the red and white octagon we see at every intersection. We think of the window sign for the local shop down the street or we wait for a sign to tell us to make a move, but I am telling you to STOP that thinking and choose Steindler Signs & Graphix.

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Race into Summer With Von Tobel Lumber and Hardware Savings

Race-into-Summer-With-Von-Tobel-Lumber-and-Hardware-Savings-2017Summer is just around the corner, are you ready?
Don’t be the neighbor without delicious smells wafting from the Weber charcoal grill or the one with weeds interfering with the family volleyball match.

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Von Tobel Lumber & Hardware Shows New Products at Demo Day


Friday afternoon, Von Tobel Lumber & Hardware in Valparaiso welcomed carpenters, construction workers, and loyal customers to Von Tobel’s Festool Demo Day, where they tested out new tools and met factory representatives to learn more about how companies are changing the way you do construction.

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Johnny On The Spot - Flushable Restrooms in a Variety of Specialty Colors

Johnny-On-The-Spot-Flushable-Restrooms-in-a-Variety-of-Specialty-Colors-2017When it comes to variety, quality and meeting the needs of their customers, Johnny On The Spot conforms to the highest standards in the business and they carry some truly remarkable portable restrooms. Their standard model is just the tip of the iceberg and other options that Johnny On The Spot offers include: their deluxe model, a flushable version, a ladies’ flushable version, handicapped & ADA compliant restrooms.

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NITCO Supports Customer Privacy

nitcopic1A bill was recently signed into law allowing internet companies to sell people's browsing histories. NITCO (Northwestern Indiana Telephone Co.) believes that every customer has the right to expect that information concerning billing, calling history and web browsing will be kept private. Our company is committed to customer confidentiality, and we will not sell, trade or make available to any person or corporation any information that might be collected through the use of the internet or any product offered by NITCO.

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A Love of Engineering and Star Wars Led Aaron Treble to Build Replica R2-D2


Building an operating near-replica of Star Wars character R2-D2 requires a massive amount of time, knowledge, and resources. Aaron Treble, a Valparaiso resident, worked for 6-8 hours a day for two years to build his now 250-pound droid. “That was after about 6 months of research,” he said.

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Social Media with D. Cohn: What Is A Social Media Marketing Manager?

D-Cohn-What-Is-A-Social-Media-Marketing-ManagerMany people are curious about just what we at D. Cohn Communications do. They’ve heard of social media marketing. They know about the importance of marketing in general. They’re just not clear on what social media marketing is or how someone might manage it from outside the company.

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Northwest Indiana McDonald's Owners-Operators Launching Local Facebook Pages for Your Favorite Locations


In mid-January, 2017, Northwest Indiana McDonald's Owners/Operators (NIMO) launched a collection of Facebook pages for each of their 46 locations, designed to create a community connection with restaurant-goers, and help get the word out about all the positive causes each location involves itself with.

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