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Social Media with D. Cohn: "I Hate Social Media"

Social-Media-with-D-Cohn-I-Hate-Social-MediaSurprising confession – there was a point, just about 6 years ago, when I deleted my Facebook account. I’d had enough and didn’t want anything more to do with it. This is obviously before I made social media my life’s work, but the two events are in fact connected.

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Top 10 Photo Galleries on ValpoLife in 2016


We published several hundred photos to this year. Photos of local schools, sporting events and more in Northwest Indiana were fair game for good news.

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Von Tobel - What to Look For: Inspecting your Insulation and Weather Stripping

Von-Tobel-What-to-Look-For-Inspecting-your-Insulation-and-Weather-Stripping_01As the cold weather approaches and your furnace begins its annual duties, we often think of ways to make our homes more energy efficient. One thing that can make a big impact on energy savings at a reasonable cost is inspecting your insulation and weatherstripping. Over time, weatherstripping can become worn out and damaged which then creates drafts. Insulation can settle over time, thus reducing its R-value and becoming less effective. Below, we’ll discuss some effective ways to check your insulation and weatherstripping to see if any action is needed.

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Sign Up For Internet with NITCO & Get A Free Roku!

Sign-Up-For-Internet-with-NITCO-and-Get-A-Free-RokuQuick! Time's running out -- sign up for internet services at 10MBps or higher with NITCO & get a FREE Roku! Call and sign up by 12/9/16 and get a free $25 Amazon gift card as a FREE ADDED BONUS.

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D. Cohn: Help! My Social Media Marketing Isn’t Working!

D-Cohn-Help-My-Social-Media-Marketing-Isnt-WorkingSocial media marketing sounds easy, but it’s not. Everyone knows it’s necessary, which is why everyone from international corporations to the corner barber shop has social media accounts. But not everyone is sure WHY it’s necessary. What exactly is a Facebook page supposed to be doing for your business? What good will come of keeping a Twitter account?

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Calumet College of St. Joseph Launches New, Responsive Website


With more and more online traffic heading away from the desktop and onto phones and tablets, Calumet College of Saint Joseph is excited to announce a new and improved website, which launched in mid-November.

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What’s Up in Social Media with D: Do I Need Video on Social Media?

d cohn comm CIRCLE square iconQ: I’ve been hearing that video is now crucial to social media marketing, but I’m not sure how to do it. Do I really need it?
A: It depends. There are several factors to consider: your product, whether you can create truly engaging videos, what platforms you post on, and your capacity to create videos for social media.

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Johnny On The Spot: Trucks that Deliver & Maintain the Quality You Expect


At Johnny On The Spot, we pride ourselves on having clean, modern equipment that is kept in good working order. Every driver washes their truck at the end of every shift before the truck is parked for the evening. Our trucks, just like our restrooms, are held to meticulously clean standards.

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Horizon Bank Invests in Internet Technology for the Town of Westville

horizon-building-laporteHorizon Bank is helping to bring fiber optics to the town of Westville, Indiana, making it possible for the local bank branch — as well as other businesses and individuals — to take advantage of high speed internet connections.

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NITCO Brings You the Latest Wireless Broadband Technology

nitcopic1What is wireless internet?
NITCO has teamed with global leaders in wireless technologies to bring you the latest in fixed wireless broadband equipment. The reception is extremely dependable and can be compared to a radio broadcast from a local station to your home stereo. Your connection comes from our nearest Access Point at an elevated site location in your area. The Access Point then transmits radio waves to the subscriber module affixed to your home. NITCO maintains all equipment essential to your connection.

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Leverich Painting & Decorating Launches New Website to "Sample" Their Work


When it comes to the painting and decorating business, anyone can say they do a great job. However, before you select a painting, there are a few things to consider in order to protect one of your biggest investments: your HOME! Leverich Painting & Decorating recently launched a new website to make this process much easier from start to beautiful finish.

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