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The St. Paul Link, May 18, 2017


I’m sure you’ve seen those posters and cards that list twenty plus ways to say hello or good-bye in languages from around the world. There are ones for thank you also, but even twenty plus ways of saying thank you wouldn’t fully express the gratitude I have for all our Saint Paul Catholic School parents and the great 2016-17 school year that is oh, so quickly, coming to a close. Every August brings a new year that sparkles with its possibilities—how far can these students go in 180 days of quality academics? As a principal, I ponder the ways that we as a staff can bring out the best in every student, but conversely at this time of year, I find my-self spending a great deal of time marveling at all the wonderful things that students have brought out in us.

Education does not happen in a vacuum and it is only with healthy working partnerships be-tween teacher/principal, teacher/parent, parent/principal, teacher/student, parent/student, student/student, and (my favorite) principal/student that true education is achieved. SPCS is blessed to have parents who are involved in their student’s school life wanting them to achieve to their fullest potential. Likewise, for the teachers and aides in the classroom, want-ing all the best for their students. One of the most gratifying things for a teacher (and a princi-pal) is to witness the growth of a student who works to reach his/her fullest potential, and achieves it!

Thank you, parents for your partnership and your sacrifices, financially and with your time, to help to make your child’s school year one of success and happiness. We applaud you and thank you for your dedication to family—school and home!

Wishing everyone a blessed summer filled with family, faith, and fulfillment of dreams.

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