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Calvary Link: Find That Place

Calvary-Link-BeautyThere is a field near our house where I like to take walks. There is something about that place that makes me feel quiet and reflective. I've been going there more often these days, sometimes in the morning and evening both. It is one of several places where I go to pray--for my family, my friends, and my flock (that's you!). Taking some time to get away and pray is a habit I learned from Jesus' example; he did it often (see Mark 1:35-39).

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Calvary Link: What You Told Us

Calvary-Link-BeautyI want to say thank you so much for your incredibly helpful feedback on our campus expansion plans! You told us that you love where we are going. You told us that you want our place of worship to feel like a place of worship. (I love that!) You told us you want a warm, inviting gathering space to hang out. You told us to create more irresistible spaces for our kids and great places for adults to gather for Bible studies. You told us you love the Life Change Center as an addition to our campus. And you told us much more. Check out the video from last Sunday for more details.

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Calvary Link: Celebrating Growth!

Calvary-Link-BeautyI walked into the church gym after the third service last Sunday, and my heart was warmed to see it packed with people getting plugged into the Calvary community. Nearly 140 people connected with Life Groups through GroupLink last week! That is cause for celebration! Whether you're hanging out with friends, helping at Calvary Serves, or getting into a Life Group, let me encourage you to be in the lives of other believers often this fall.

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Calvary Link: All I Need

Calvary-Link-BeautyThis Sunday, I begin a new series in the book of Colossians entitled All I Need. We live in a world where people always want more and never seem quite satisfied. What if it is possible to have everything you need? EVERYTHING! Can I be so bold as to say that this series will point us to the person who IS everything we need? Join me as we unleash the truths of God's word one verse at a time in the letter to the Colossians.

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Calvary Link: Jump In

Calvary-Link-BeautyI took a bike ride along the shores of Lake Michigan on a very hot day last week. The water looked so inviting after several miles that I went ahead and plunged in-shorts, shirt and all! It was so refreshing, and immediately brought to mind something the old theologians used to say about God's grace: It's there, but you have to jump in! His grace is like a river flowing strong and steady, cool and inviting, but we won't experience it unless we put ourselves into the flow.

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Calvary Link: Oasis

Calvary-Link-BeautyWe're coming into a busy season at Calvary Church. I love this time of year! Yes, it's a little chaotic as we try to fit the many welcome-back events and fall programs onto the calendar and into the building, but it's also exciting to see everyone getting back into familiar rhythms. Or diving head first into new ones, like a men's or women's Bible study or a Life Group.

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Calvary Link: Last Sunday

Calvary-Link-BeautyI can't stop thinking about last Sunday. Nearly 1500 people (1472 to be exact) packed into a place of worship built for a few hundred and witnessed the most baptisms completed on a single day in the history of our church. It's not the numbers that are important; it's the changed lives they represent! Young and old are coming to Christ as we reach out to friends and family with the Good News.

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