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Calvary Link: Oasis

Calvary-Link-BeautyWe're coming into a busy season at Calvary Church. I love this time of year! Yes, it's a little chaotic as we try to fit the many welcome-back events and fall programs onto the calendar and into the building, but it's also exciting to see everyone getting back into familiar rhythms. Or diving head first into new ones, like a men's or women's Bible study or a Life Group.

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Calvary Link: Last Sunday

Calvary-Link-BeautyI can't stop thinking about last Sunday. Nearly 1500 people (1472 to be exact) packed into a place of worship built for a few hundred and witnessed the most baptisms completed on a single day in the history of our church. It's not the numbers that are important; it's the changed lives they represent! Young and old are coming to Christ as we reach out to friends and family with the Good News.

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Community, Family, Friends, and Firefighters honor fallen Valparaiso Fire Chief, David Nondorf, at Funeral

Chief-Nondorf-1Friends, family, community members, and firefighters from all around the area came together Saturday to honor the life of a beloved friend, firefighter, and father who passed away earlier in the week: Chief David Nondorf.

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Calvary Link: Hear My Prayer

Calvary-Link-BeautyC. S. Lewis said, "I pray because I can't help myself." Honestly, when we try to do it all (or control it all), we discover that we can't and prayer is our best, and sometimes only, recourse. We're concerned over the safety and wellbeing of our children as they are off to school. We labor under stress at work. We're facing inner doubts and temptations. We have plenty of reason to pray. Indeed we have to pray. We can't help ourselves.

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Calvary Church: Thank You for Worshipping with Us!

Calvary-Thank-You-for-Worshiping-with-UsThank you so much for visiting Calvary Church this past weekend. Our staff is here to minister to you--but we promise not to crowd you. Calvary is a friendly church community of more than 1300 worshippers--with many of the ministries offered in a large church--but all of the warmth you will find in a small church. There are lots of ways to get to know more about us. We have signed you up for our weekly Calvary Link that will provide all kinds of information about things happening around here.

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Calvary Link: My Heart...

Calvary-Link-BeautyOne of the things that hit me hard as our church began growing many years ago was that I couldn't be close personal friends with everyone anymore. Every week I was meeting more new people I wanted to be with! I would go home and say to my wife, "There are so many amazing families in our church; how can we spend time with all of them?" That's my heart. And I still feel that way--almost every week!

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Calvary Link: Beauty

Calvary-Link-BeautyFor many years now our family has enjoyed spending a few summer days with some close friends at their cottage near the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan. Every evening just before sunset the sleepy little town awakens and spills out onto the beach to gaze at the beauty. No one says, "Why are all these people here?" Everyone intuitively knows. We want to see beauty.

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