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Calvary Link: Summer Life

Calvary-Link-The-WaySummer is in full swing: warm weather, fireworks, walking the dog late in the cool of the evening, taking off for a brief vacation. This is why we endure winter! I really wouldn't mind summer lasting longer this year (maybe into November). I've been checking in with Life Groups who are hanging out by the...

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Calvary Link: Invited In

Calvary-Link-The-WayI remember going to Vacation Bible School (VBS) when I was a kid and learning a ton about the Bible and the things that Jesus said and did. What escaped me as a youngster has become foundational to our VBS at Calvary, and it's this: The gospel is a message that reveals a God who comes after us and invites us in to the greatest hope we could ever have in this life. We're excited to have 135 volunteers and 300 kids showing up to VBS at Calvary! What stirs my soul even more is that 55 of those kids have been freshly invited in. They represent families who have never been to Calvary before.

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Chris Stokes, Author of "Cool Runnings" Brings Inspiration to Calvary Church


What is your purpose in life. Is it to help others, to raise strong and kind children, to establish a successful business? That is the question that a group of friends have been asking themselves and why they decided to find a way to help others who are struggling with the same dilemma.

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Calvary Link: God is Good

Calvary-Link-God-is-Good-2016What an awesome day we had at Father's Day in the Park! Over 2000 of us filled the park in the heart of our city to worship and glorify God together. I bet Kurt and I weren't the only ones snapping selfies with the crowd.

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Calvary Church Celebrates Family at 2016 Father's Day in the Park


Downtown Valpo was glowing on the morning of Sunday, June 19. Calvary Church had its annual Father’s Day service in Central Park Plaza. Over 1,500 community and church members picnicked in the park in celebration of worship.

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Calvary Live Releases Second Album at 2016 Fathers Day in the Park

Calvary-Live-2016The worship band of Calvary Church, Calvary Live, will release a full-length album, “Who You Are,” on Sunday, June 19, at the church’s annual Father’s Day in the Park event.

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Calvary Link: An Important Video Message From Your Pastor

Calvary-Link-An-Important-Video-Message-From-Your-PastorSee below for an Even More message from Pastor Lionel! We look forward to worshipping with you this weekend at 8:15a, 9:45a, & 11:15a.

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Calvary Link: 11 Days to Go!

Calvary-Link-Even-MoreWe have prayed, we have planned... and we are waiting for God's people to respond. If you have made a commitment to the Even More project, thank you, thank you, thank you! Here is a short update: as of today we have received 124 commitments to our project for a total of $2,318,001. Our goal is 337...

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Calvary Link: Three Hundred Thirty-Seven

Calvary-Link-Even-MoreMother's Day at Calvary was simply amazing! Once again the house was packed with people who were here to worship, as well as join us in celebrating the arrival of 39 little children who are precious to the Lord. I know I keep saying it, but we sure do need some more room around here!

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Calvary Link: Everyone's Invited

Calvary-Link-Even-MoreWe've shared the vision; now everyone is invited to help us make room for Even More! We are outgrowing our space, and it's time to expand so we can welcome even more people who are being changed by the gospel. I have to say that I am already amazed by the generosity of our church. And I'm confident...

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Calvary Link: Staying Focused

Calvary-Link-Even-MoreA mentor once said to me, "Lionel, if you don't figure out what God has called you to do, you will end up doing things people call you to do." Boy, was he right! As your pastor, I am invited to be involved in all kinds of things, but I have tried to stay focused on the most important things: preaching the Word, protecting the flock, and proclaiming the gospel to the ends of the earth.

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