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Calvary Link: An Amazing Sunday!

Calvary-Link-Good-to-be-HomeLast Sunday was so amazing that I'm still thinking about it. The exposition of the Creed, the amazing worship, and the baptisms in every service! After I walked out of the third service on Sunday, I was teary-eyed as I said to someone, "I've been doing this for 25 years, and it just never gets old."

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Pastor and Evangelist Brings Gospel Message to Valparaiso

vale-church-of-christA preacher who has spread an inspiring message of hope and faith across the US will be at Vale Church of Christ in Valparaiso for a week long Bible study and revival.

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Calvary Link: It's Gospeliscious

calvary-creedI'm writing you from the 2015 Gospel Coalition Conference in Orlando. I've enjoyed listening to the likes of John Piper, Tim Keller, Phil Ryken, and Mark Dever exposit the Word of God. The theme of this year's conference has been a theology of the new heavens and the new earth, and it's been amazing worshipping with 6,000 pastors from all around the world.

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The St. Paul Link, April 9, 2015

st-paulThis quote was in a magazine which featured an article about a couple who had dedicated their lives to volunteering and the tremendous impact their actions had on their family and friends. The article stated that this couple’s family and friends were so impressed by their sense of service that when the elderly couple passed away some family members and some lifelong friends decided to honor their memory by taking over their volunteer roles. What a beautiful testament to the elderly couple’s life, and what a wonderful legacy to leave behind.

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Calvary Link: We Believe!

Calvary-Link-Good-to-be-HomeOur brand NEW mini-series "The Creed" starts this Sunday! The word "creed" comes from the Latin word creedo, which literally means, "we believe." We will be expounding the whole of Christian doctrine, and its relevance for our lives, in 4 short weeks! Invite a friend and tell them, "You will get a nice overview of everything the church believes and why it matters in 4 sermons!" I promise you that this series is going to be rooted--and relevant.

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Calvary Link: He is 'The Way'

Calvary-Link-Good-to-be-HomeIt's here. Passion week. The most anticipated annual celebration in the life of the church. We are joining God's people all over the world this week to re-live the most transforming event that has ever taken place in the history of mankind. Christ died for us. Christ was raised to life for us. And that changes everything--FOREVER. Jesus is 'The Way' to real life.

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Learn What Makes Christ "The Way" on Easter Weekend at Calvary Church

calvary-the-wayEaster is very near, and for those who observe the holiday it has great meaning. It’s a gathering with family around a table laden with a feast, watching a toddler eagerly hunt brightly colored eggs on a sunny afternoon, and heading to church for the annual Easter services.

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