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Pines Village Retirement Community Holds Warm Reception for Local Artist Aimee Tomasek

The residents of Valparaiso’s Pines Village Retirement Community connected with yet another great artist in the most recent Meet the Artist Reception with Department Chair and Associate Professor of Art at Valparaiso University, Aimee Tomasek, MFA.

Pines Village Retirement Community changes the artwork in its gallery every 6 weeks to expose its residents to different styles and mediums of art. Many residents, such as Claudette Daniels, are currently taking art lessons within the Pines Village Retirement Community, so these Meet the Artist Receptions give them the opportunity to have a greater exposure to art and learn more about their ongoing craft.

“I started taking art here and I just love it,” said Daniels. “I come to most of these receptions and you always learn so much because [the artists] talk about how they got started and what their preferences are, and they are really informative.”

Amy Page, Pines Village Retirement Community’s Corporate Relations Director, chooses the artists who are showcased. Since 2009, the inaugural Meet the Artist Reception, their goal has been to include as much variety as possible to showcase the many styles and variations of art.

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“Throughout our building we have a lot of different art and permanent collections of some very local prominent artists that have been in this community for years,” said Page. “Not only for our residents, for our families, for the employees, but the [feature] gallery really brightens everybody’s awareness of art and it also inspires others to try their hand at it as well.”

Tomasek provided a stunning gallery of 12 black and white photographs of sunflowers. The incredible detail on each picture was a clear indication that the gallery was a project close to her heart—a photographic memorial for the family of a close friend, Mike Yudt, who passed away. After the reception, Tomasek spoke about what an extreme honor it is to have her artwork featured at Pines Village.

“I think that this is one of the most prestigious galleries in the region,” Tomasek said. “This is a place that has a large commitment to supporting artists and supporting their residents by putting real, very thoughtful art up into the entire facility. They are really rooted in our community and everybody that is here is attached to somebody else in the community and that’s really important to me.” Long after the reception had finished, Tomasek remained, sparking up conversations with old friends and former students, while also greeting new acquaintances. Regarding the community, it was clear by the standing room only crowd that this community cares about her just as much as she does for them.

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