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Eclectic Furnishings In Store at Homenclature

Homenclature-Intro-1Where does one go in Northwest Indiana when they want furniture that rivals Chicago trends? What place offers unique designer pieces in a variety of prices to fit all budgets? Just cruise on down the street to Homenclature, now open in Valparaiso!

The mission of Homenclature is to bring quality, eclectic furniture to Northwest Indiana. “We decided there needed to be a store in the area with cool stuff for decent prices, where the average person could afford to have fabulous things,” shared owner Amanda Snider. “We wanted people to be able to ‘keep up with the Joneses,’” she went on to say. “Homenclature is ahead of the curve, offering stuff people haven’t event seen yet!

Homenclature-Intro-2Open for the past five years in Munster, the store made the move to Valparaiso where Snider and her husband desired to raise their family. “We wanted to eat, sleep, and drink Valpo,” she stated. The couple has owned land in Valpo for some time, to build their house, but could not find a business location, so Munster became the store’s first home until space opened in town. As of June 2013, Homenclature opened its doors to the Valpo community!

With a background in genetic research and medical sales, one might wonder how Snider came to be in the furniture business. “I bought my first home when I was young and became a do-it-yourselfer because of financial limitations,” she said. “I wanted my home to be different from everyone else, went out of my way to give my place a personality on a budget. As I got older and could afford more, I was still not happy with what I was seeing, the sticker shock in Chicago.”

Homenclature-Intro-3Homenclature started out selling used, refurbished furniture, and still does but has since acquired new pieces as well. Snider often finds her stock by negotiating with manufacturers and retailers, buying floor samples, overstocks, pieces with scratch and dents, or design flaws, and pieces from movie productions. “I fight hard to get really cool and interesting stuff,” stated Snider, discussing how she works to bring in the inventory at a good price. “If you don’t have cool stuff at good prices, it doesn’t matter if people come in to your store.” Pieces from stores like Neiman Marcus, Restoration Hardware, and Pottery Barn, along with imported wares from Indonesia, Bali, and India are found throughout the inventory. Every piece is handpicked to be in the store.

Homenclature-Intro-4No matter who walks in the doors, no matter what the budget, they will see something they want and can afford,” she continued. Among the used inventory buyers will find custom furniture created in-house, “to keep things out of landfills.” Homenclature also offers furniture repair, painting, and reupholstery as another option for keeping furniture from going in the garbage. “It’s better for the environment to keep things out of the trash,” Snider stated.

This won’t be the same store twice,” Snider said. The inventory is constantly changing, so the Homenclature Facebook page is the recommended source to know what’s in store, aside from visiting in person. Shipping across country is offered, along with in-house consultations for personal and business locations. Most items are cash and carry; delivery is available as well!

Most importantly, Homenclature is not here to be a burden on the buyer’s pocket. “I don’t want anyone to have anything they don’t want or aren’t happy with,” Snider emphasized. “All of the staff lives in Valpo. We keep people that know each other, know the area. They know not to sell something the customer doesn’t need or isn’t right.”

360 S Campbell St
Valparaiso, IN 46385
(219) - 697 - 2548
Visit Homenclature's Website
Visit us on Facebook Visit us on Twitter

The reception since moving here has been amazing,” she continued. “Valpo understands the importance of small business owners, that putting money back into the community is the best thing you can do. This community is me, it’s our family, our demographic. We understand our customer base.

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