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The "Start of the Wedding Season" is Here at Schultz Floral Shop

The wedding season can be stressful for all: the bride, the groom, the parents, and don’t forget, the florist.

However, when you go to see Manager Jonas Zimmerman of Schultz Floral and Gifts Shop in Valparaiso, you walk out of the shop knowing you do not have to worry. There is no such thing as a stressful flower.

Zimmerman know the planning process can be stressful and as humans, we tend to worry about every detail. But Zimmerman also wants to remind the bride-to-be to have fun too!

“A lot of girls come in and they are stressed out, and I get it, but at the same time this is the time you should enjoy the process! You’re getting married, you should have fun with it!” Zimmerman exclaimed. “It is my goal that they leave knowing, ‘Hey, my florist has it down.’”

When it comes to weddings – big and small, lavishly-decorated or rustically-simple – Zimmerman has the step-by-step wedding-day procedure down and he is ready for the 2017 wedding season.

Zimmerman and the staff at Schultz Floral help as much as they can, from planning out ideas, to creating the bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces, and then personally setting them up throughout the wedding space.

"Some brides are low-key and they don’t wants tons of flowers and will say, ‘I’m not really a flower person, but I want something,’” he said.

The “average” wedding does not exist, he said. In his 29 years of business, Zimmerman has done weddings for 200 guests and for some with 2,000 guests. The number and type of flowers will always depend on the bride’s tastes and budget.

Most of the time a bride comes in with an idea she has copied from a magazine or Pinterest, and wants Zimmerman to simply recreate this vision. Then, it coms down to color.

The most expensive flowers are the calla lilies and the orchids, but overall, wedding flowers do not have to break the budget, he added.

“Some people have that misconception like, “Oh, it is going to cost a fortune.’ Well, no it won’t,” he assured.

Some brides, he added, come in to just get their main bouquet since they plan on saving money and are going with silk flowers for the rest of the party. However, a good quality silk flower can cost as much as a fresh flower he said.

“The price all depends on what the flower is and what is involved in the wedding,” Zimmerman said.

At Schultz Floral, the bride can pick everything out for the bridal party, plus all the decorative flower arrangements and never have to talk to Zimmerman about a petal again.


First, the bride comes in with an idea and she and Zimmerman will get the main concept down for every arrangement. Then as the wedding approaches, Zimmerman has the bride come back in to show her the finished example of what she will see while at the wedding. She can see Zimmerman at the wedding too, if she wants.

The staff at Schultz offers delivery and set-up for the wedding day.

For these weddings, the Schultz team will meet you at the wedding location and assemble the flowers in s perfectionist style, in addition to pinning on correctly the always-crooked boutonnieres on the men. He says it is nice to be there to repair any damaged flowers and once the wedding is over, he can help transform the wedding-day showpiece into the Sunday after brunch centerpiece.

“I have them come in so they know exactly what they are getting and say yes or no,” he said. “It is a nice feeling for me to make it easier on them.”

The best thing a bride can do is come in early. You do not need a picture or a vast, never-ending budget to get the flower patterns you want.

“You can come in and say ‘I saw this online, but my idea is this with branches wrapped with flowers.’ Whatever your brain can conjure up, we can do,” Zimmerman said.

This year, 2017, is the year of foliage - a mixture of branches, plants, and leaves. Like dress styles, there are trends for the colors and flower arrangements each year according to the “wedding gurus.”

“There is a color counsel who decides what the colors are going to be this year, then that’s the color and the bridal magazines tailor to that,” he said. “There are trends but the neat thing I see after doing this for so many years, the cycle comes back and you start seeing the same things.”

In the last few years, the vintage, elegant feel is back, with flowers placed in mason jars and lace gowns.

Right now, Zimmerman is prepping for an April wedding. The dress shades of dark, rich purple will offset the spring-like flower designs of ivory, blush pink, and lavender.

The wedding season is knocking on the door, and the brides-to-be are excitedly, and stressfully, planning their perfect day with their Schultz Florals florist.

“People start to panic and things get hectic, but it is worth it,” Zimmerman said. “I love this time of the year because we are providing the flowers for somebody’s perfect day. Other than having a child, this is the most important day of their life, so they are bringing their emotions and their hopes to use and letting us create the beauty for their day.”

For your wedding day flowers or any-day occasion flowers, stop by the shop located at 2204 Calumet Avenue in Valpo or check out their website:

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