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Chris Paulk at Bedzzz Direct Could Even Help Goldilocks Find a Bed

Everyone knows that you’re supposed to get 6-8 hours of sleep, but it’s also about the quality of sleep as well. Interrupted sleep is just as detrimental to our health as not enough sleep. We look at a lot of different reasons for it, but an oft over looked aspect is our bed. But what kind of bed to get?

There are so many different types of beds anymore, it can be a daunting task to pick one out. Everyone has different needs, some are side sleepers, some have a bad back. Some need to sleep on a hard mattress, some a soft.

Then there is the question of what material should the bed be made of. It used to be that just a spring mattress would do, one which you could flip over to extend the life of the mattress. Now, there are pillow top mattresses, spring, foam, and even latex mattresses. Some beds have heaters, some are motorized to change the angle you sleep on, and some can even change the firmness of the mattress with a touch of a button.

That’s not even touching the subject of pillow types.

Thankfully, there are men like Chris Paulk, the owner of Bedzzz Direct in Valparaiso. He has spent the last 25 years of his life learning everything he can to help his customers find the best mattress that would suit that person’s individual needs.

“I’ve been in this industry since 1991,” explained Paulk. “I’ve seen a lot changes happen. And one of the biggest one happened in 2001, when Simmons Beauty Rest made a one sided mattress. In doing that, they changed the industry dramatically.”

“It used to be a mattress used to last 10-12 years,” Paulk continued. “But now, it only lasts around 6-7 years, and that is because you can’t flip them anymore.”

Paulk clearly knows what he’s talking about and takes a great deal of patience and pride in explaining whatever the customer needs to know in order to make sure they get the bed they need.

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"It's the greatest and these people are the nicest people you'll ever meet to do business with, I guarantee you" said Doris Ring, a long time customer and friend, "From their delivery service to the people you stop in and see. They always have a smile on their face and ready to serve you."

“Indentations cause the most wear and tear in mattress,” said Paulk. “And that reduces the mattress life. So we used to flip the mattress to prolong the life of the mattress. While most manufacturers don’t make two-sided mattresses anymore, you can still rotate the mattress to help the foam recover from the weight of the person sleeping on it.”

Usually, when people go around and shop for beds, they have a price point in mind. Paulk knows that’s to be expected and his job isn’t to make the sale, but to make sure that the right bed is matched up to the right person.

“If you come to me and say I like this bed, but I can’t afford it, that’s ok. I have three other beds just like it at different price points,” Paulk explained.

Paulk is so good at his job that his customers are almost always return customers. In fact, he has one kind lady bring him cookies at work occasionally whenever she stops by to see him.

"In the morning when you wake up, and your body doesn't feel sore, it feels rested," said Vanessa Brown, another long time customer. "It's comfortable to lay on and easy to fall asleep on. I brought my girls in this weekend to pick out their beds and they did the 'bed test' as well. They actually like the same beds, which floored me because their personalities are so different."

It’s that kind of service, friendliness, and honesty that has people talking about Paulk’s Bedzzz Direct. And that’s why they keep coming back to him time and again for a magical night’s sleep.

While we were on location getting a mattress education, our founder, Chris Mahlmann, tried out some beds!

Bedzzz Direct
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