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Addition of Screen Taps Bar, New Food Items, GDX Theater has Portage 16 IMAX Offering New Movie-Going Experiences

Keeping patrons happy and coming back for more is at the forefront of any business, but at the Goodrich Portage 16 IMAX theater, they do everything they can to keep moviegoers excited about what’s available to them. In order to keep up with this tradition, they recently began renovations in the theater meant to entice patrons and keep them enjoying their movie experience as much as possible.

One of the first renovations to be finished is the addition of the Screen Taps Bar. The theater renovated the area underneath of their stairs to include a bar that currently offers beer and wine selections. There are plans to offer margaritas in the future as well. The bar is offered as a concession stand for adult beverages, kept separate from the regular concession stand.

“What we find is it’s an amenity. It’s a nice addition, but it’s not a place to come and get multiple drinks - and people aren’t doing that. People are here to watch the movie, so they get one when they first get here. Maybe they get a second one occasionally, but that's it,” said Kevin Morgan, a manager at the Portage 16 IMAX.

In addition to the bar, they are also expanding their hot food menu and will soon begin offering french fries. They’ve added an auto fryer, enabling them to continue serving chicken fingers and mozzarella sticks without baking them, and opening up opportunities for more items in the future.

“We’re creating a hot food section, we’re hoping to get to the point where you order your popcorn and drink, and if you order a hot food item you’ll be able to step down and pick that up from the specific hot foods section. That will continue to grow as we figure out what people want,” said Morgan.


Alcohol and hot food items are a great amenity to add, but if the movie experience doesn’t measure up, it won’t keep people coming back. The Portage 16 IMAX is making sure to add upgrades throughout the theater to ensure patron satisfaction and a wealth of new experiences. One of their newest additions is the GDX, or Giant Digital Experience, upgrade in theater 15.

“In theater 15, we replaced the screen to make it 50 feet wide, from wall to wall, put in a 4K projector, renovated the walls with new wall coverings and sconces, and ultimately added Dolby Atmos sound, which gives multi-dimensional sound all around you. It’s supposed to replicate what your ears naturally hear,” said Morgan

The additions in the auditorium create a richer moviegoing experience, allowing moviegoers to be more fully immersed in the movie. In addition to these renovations, certain theaters will also be seeing new carpeting, reserved seating options, and D-BOX upgrades.

“As always, our owner is very much trying to be on the edge of what the patrons want, and right now, the alcohol, the GDX upgrades those are things we’re seeing be successful at some of our other locations, so we’re replicating them here and offering them throughout the company,” said Morgan.

With these upgrades, and those that will surely come in the future, the Goodrich Portage 16 IMAX is continuing to expand its features and amenities to better serve their patrons.

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