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#1StudentNWI: Spring Toward Sports with Boone Grove


The flowers are blooming, the courts are dry; it is tennis season at Boone Grove.

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#1StudentNWI: Kouts Kicking of Spring Sports and the Senior Trip


Another End & Beginning of Sports Seasons:
The Kouts Fillies went up against Hebron in their first game on February 25 in the semi-finals of the PCC tournament.

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#1StudentNWI: March 2017 at Wheeler High School


The second trimester has officially come to a close, and students and teachers alike are looking forward to beginning the final trimester at Wheeler High School! As we begin our third trimester of the 2016-2017 school year, we wish everyone a strong and positive finish in both academics and athletics. Here is a quick look back at some of the highlights that occurred during the month of March at Wheeler High School.

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#1StudentNWI: March Brings Success in Robotics and Marketing at the PCCTC


What’s Happening
The five electronics students at PCCTC wrapped up their robotic competition after six months of hard work. Originally, when the competition started, there were 52 teams working on robots. The team started in October at Purdue when they came up with their original robot and placed in the top three, allowing them to move on to nationals. The contest was called the “National Nanoline Technology Contest” and was hosted by Phoenix Contact. This contest has been put on for nine years now. At the national level, only eight teams remained. The project that the career center team had was a “souped up” go-kart. They bought a cheap go-kart intended for children and took it to the next level.

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#1StudentNWI: Fantastic February Recap at Kouts, Making Way for a Magnificent March


Spectacular Students:
While Kouts is filled with amazing athletes that deserve credit for all their amazing dedication, some specific individuals deserve recognition.

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#1StudentNWI: Boone Grove Marches On


Teacher Spotlight: Edward Ivanyo
Mr. Ivanyo is always somewhere in the Boone Grove halls, he's always watching over the students, like a noble knight. But, do we acknowledge him as much as we should?

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#1StudentNWI: One of Washington Township’s Hardest Workers, Janet Wade


As a graduating senior, you have most likely had a specific teacher for, at the most, three years. It is rare to find a teacher that is there at your kindergarten and senior graduation.

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#1StudentNWI: February is Keeping Students at the Porter County Career & Technical Center Involved in a Number of Disciplines


Student Spotlight: Hannah Christie Named 2017 'Drive Safe Chicago' PSA Contest Winner
Hannah is a first year student in video productions and a junior at Boone Grove High School.

At the beginning of the month, Hannah was one of three finalists from the Career Center for the Drive Safe Chicago PSA contest. Her thirty second video was titled “Too Tired To Drive”. It warned viewers about the danger of driving while tired.

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#1StudentNWI: Here Comes the Boone


Student Spotlight: Michael Downham
"At the beginning of my high school career, if I would have seen myself, I would say that I was isolated and antisocial."

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#1StudentNWI: DECA Stands For Nothing


DECA-Distributive Education Clubs of America. This is what it used to stand for, but now it means nothing.

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#1StudentNWI: January 2017 Sports Recap at Kouts High School


For Kouts patrons and students, basketball season is equivalent to a football season. Kouts thrives in the season that celebrates sweaty students, iconic plays, ticking anticipation, and determination. So, when basketball season rolls around, not only do the students explode in enthusiasm. The parents, grandparents, foes, longtime pals, and players crowd in for the game. From there these odd groups of people hop place to place as the basketball boys play, lose, win, and share in every fantastic moment. Plus, wherever you’re from, whether it be the opposing side that night, or right in your home gym, basketball brings about this sense of competition. It rials up the most unenthusiastic crowd.

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