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A Spark for Change: Marching to a New Beat

sparkforchange rotator2-newI have spent the last decade of my life in constant inner turmoil because of a nagging feeling that I just didn’t fit in. I’ve always felt loved and accepted; however, I have struggled to find anyone who resembled me in personality and outlook. I constantly looked at myself in the mirror and questioned why I was different. Turning 28 has provided me much insight and answers to this question.

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Looking Back On Six Years Of LIFE

LIFE-3I couldn't sleep this morning, thoughts racing in my head just like most every other morning I have known. Thinking about my kids and where they all are coming and going all over the country for spring break or their life's pursuit. About my wife and how much I am looking forward to some time alone with her, where neither of us are coming or going anywhere. About this creaky old body of mine that is coming up on 50; one that needs much more physical care and activity in the next 6 years than what Life has allowed in the last 6 years.

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Part of Me is Missing… Which Doesn’t Bother Me Much

Cait-surgery 1Life has a funny way of upending all of your plans. I am a novice runner, and I was really looking forward to the season starting up this year because I had big plans for myself. There were half marathons to be conquered. I also have a penchant for yoga. Twisting myself into a pretzel was getting easier and easier every day.

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Many Educators - One Goal

KrutzBW57Earlier this month the Valparaiso Community School Kindergarten teachers hosted a Preschool Meet and Greet. This was an excellent opportunity for local preschool teachers to meet our Kindergarten teachers to interact with, and learn from each other. We sincerely appreciated the attendance of about twenty- five preschool teachers, along with their input, regarding the young minds of our community. It was easy to see that the compassion of all educators involved! They certainly have the best interest of our students at heart! The event took place in Mrs. Katie Brown’s kindergarten classroom at Flint Lake Elementary. This environment allowed the preschool teachers to see one of our classrooms, and all the exciting things that a kindergarten student experiences each day.

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Baby Update: Lilith's 1st Vacation

deanna-baby-vacationJust about a year ago I found out that I was going to be having a baby. I have been able to share many exciting milestones with all of you. Being a first time mom has so many exciting days.

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Porter County Places Value on Human Expression and the Arts

moh-les-mis-2015-1People who know me well know I’m not much of a crier. I’m just not. So I was surprised to find tears streaming down my face yesterday at the sold out closing performance of Les Miserables at the Memorial Opera House.

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Smiling Faces: Spreading Love on the Corner of Washington and Lincolnway

dalton-von-feltI was heading home to get changed for the United Way of La Porte County's Super Smoke Social and I saw this guy standing on the corner. He was waving to everyone, saying I love you and blowing kisses. I thought I'd stop and get a picture of this guy. His name is Dalton VonFeldt and he works at Culver's.

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