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A Little Bit of Digital Nostalgia

ZaoIslandarcade1Nostalgia can be a deceptive thing. What was once an average memory can ferment and acquire a much better taste with age, using hazy memories and our desire to hold on to our past to create a stronger and kinder recollection than its original vintage. The memories may vary, but everyone is susceptible to this.

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A Spark for Change: You Choose

sparkforchange rotator2-newAs a recovering people pleaser, I spent many years passing out invitations to anyone directly involved in my life, and sometimes to those who I had never met, to join me in the decision making process. Every major choice had no less than five opinions accompanying my own personal desires, which of course were put on the back burner if they didn’t align with what others wanted me to do.

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Life is a Revolution: A Salute to Steel, Risks, and American Industry

jen and mike IR june 12Steel is the skeletal structure of many buildings. It is necessary for the building to stay upright and stable, but it isn’t often seen as it’s covered by drywall. Much like American industry, steel is tough, and it gets stronger when the heat is turned up.

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A Spark for Change: Why Not?

sparkforchange rotator2-newI grew up hearing, “Erin, you can be anything you want as long as you put your mind to it and are willing to work for it.” That led to dreams of being president and the greatest WNBA player of all time. After not growing past 5’5” and not always enjoying the darker side of politics, those two career paths were taken off the table only to be replaced with others.

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Love Makes the Ride Worthwhile

CarlyVoices1There are people in this magnificent world who detest love. Maybe they went through a rough breakup. Maybe they lost a loved one. Just know, that behind every broken, bitter heart is just a wounded individual begging for a band-aid.

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Congratulations to Porter Lakes Elementary School: PTSC Weekly Update

porter-township-schools-logoAs you know, each year our third grade students take the IREAD-3 Indiana State Assessment. This assessment is used by the state to determine if students are ready to progress to fourth grade. If students do not pass in the spring, remediation is provided along with an opportunity to re-test over the summer. If the student passes, then they proceed to fourth grade. I am happy to report that we have 98% of our third grade students that have passed this assessment! Not only did our third graders do their personal best, but our hard-working staff needs to be commended for all of their efforts to achieve this accomplishment! Great work!

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VHS Bands Concert Forms Historical Connection

vhs-bands-connection-1On April 15th, 2015 the Valparaiso High School Bands presented a concert celebrating the 150 year anniversary of the Civil War. They played many pieces reflecting the times of the 1861-1865 era. One of the pieces was Vicksburg Memorial, composed by Leland Forsblad. The piece presents the battles and the siege of the city of Vicksburg—that was under the command of General Grant and the Union armies.

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