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If Region Residents Could Build Something New, What Would They Build?


Here in Northwest Indiana we have a lot going on between all the communities from Munster to Michigan City, but we at Ideas in Motion Media thought it would be interesting to reach out to our readers and see what kinds of things they thought would make a nice addition to the Region. On July 10th, we asked on Facebook “If I could build one thing in the Region, I would build a ___” and the responses were varied and creative as the comments rolled in.

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Bad News / Good News: The Stark Reality of Substance Abuse, Suicide, and the Hands of Hope That are Out There for Those Struggling

goodnews Depression Stock

There’s no way to tell this story without starting with the bad news first.

The stark reality is that many of our community’s residents are facing a troubling amount of life threatening matters. Issues like substance abuse and untreated mental health disorders can be deadly. We’re a Good News company, but we want to take this time to address these concerns and to also share the Good News that there are many resources in Northwest Indiana for help. With awareness, education, and a helping hand by any of us connected to someone who is struggling, we together may help keep some of the bad news from happening.

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Northwest Indiana Women Scatter Kindness All Around


During the All About the Girls Part 3 in May, Donna Flanagin of Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service, encouraged the participants to go out in the world and be kind. It didn’t matter what the act was or how small, she said, but she inspired her listeners to go out and Scatter Kindness.

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"Protect Your Children from Online Predators" by Kris Pate


Youth constitute one of the fastest growing Internet populations and it strongly influences how children discover and interact with the world around them. Cyberspace can open up a world of wonderful information and learning opportunities; however, it is not always a safe place. It is vitally important that parents understand the potential dangers and educate their children about safe online behaviors.

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Charbonneau: Water Supplies and Infrastructure


Since the drought in 2012 Indiana has been developing water policy that insures clean, safe and affordable drinking water for all Hoosiers while protecting our manufacturing and agricultural economy.

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Leigh Morris on Symbiosis

Leigh-MorrisSymbiosis: Interaction between two different entities in close physical association typically to the advantage of both. I submit that is what's missing--or at least minimized--in the relationship between Northwest Indiana and the Greater Chicagoland Area. And Northwest Indiana is paying a price for it.

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Celebrating Our Newest Alumni


Today, Indiana University Northwest will confer 643 degrees to the Class of 2017.

This achievement, years in the making for many, signifies a significant accomplishment in each student’s life. It characterizes our graduates’ vision, dedication and determination. It represents the countless hours devoted to studying, writing, and researching. And, most important, it symbolizes that they, the Class of 2017, have fulfilled their promises to their individual futures, futures in which they will be forever linked with nearly 700,000 other IU alumni, who, just like them, have also realized their dreams.

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Purdue University Northwest: A Regional Powerhouse

Leigh-MorrisNorthwest Indiana is blessed with great institutions of higher education, including Indiana University Northwest, Valparaiso University, Calumet College of St. Joseph, and IVY Tech, but the 2016 unification of Purdue Calumet and Purdue North Central created a regional powerhouse. Purdue University Northwest (PNW) is the state’s fifth largest public university, offering nearly 70 undergraduate and 18 graduate programs of study for an enrollment of over 15,000 with students from 35 states and 53 nations.

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A Message to Northwest Indiana: Stay the Course, the Time Is NOW to Create a Better Future!

south-shore-line-double-track-nwoOver the last several years, bold leaders like Congressman Visclosky have created a vision for northwest Indiana where people enjoy Lake Michigan, the Dunes, thriving downtowns and a robust economy that capitalizes on our proximity to the third largest economic engine in the nation, Chicago.

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Julia’s Slice of Life: 8 Hot Home Design Trends


Home design trends have always ebbed and flowed throughout the generations, but now, in the Pinterest age, they seem to change more quickly than ever before. While this could cause frustration for homeowners hoping to keep up, the resources available now have also made home design a more intriguing and attainable art. “What we’re seeing is a trend toward making the house more interesting instead of matchy-matchy,” says Jodi Gheaja, a broker for Realty Executives Premier in Valparaiso and owner of staging company House to Home.

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Julia’s Slice of Life: The Best Sandwiches in NWI


The sandwich. Is there a better food? Chocolate and pizza get all the attention for being everyone’s favorites, but I think we can all agree that the sandwich is a quiet but mighty contender. There’s just something about the combination of cold cuts, fresh fillings, and magical mayo hugged by soft, doughy bread that makes everything right with the world. In the words of the wise Liz Lemon, “All anyone really wants in this life is to sit in peace and eat a sandwich.”

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