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Links of the Week: Super Bowl 50, Adele, and How NBA Shoe Deals Work


Super Bowl Weekend is finally upon us. Let’s talk about it being the end of an era.

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Links of the Week: Cutting the Cord, Super Bowl Coaches, and How to Lose 125 Pounds

links-of-the-week-dxWe’re cutting the cord.

This week, my wife and I made the decision to dump traditional television and join the growing group of people who rely on Netflix, Hulu, Chromecast and all the streaming services on the web to get our entertainment.

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Links of the Week: Tesla, Old Buildings, and a Hot Take About Free Throws


It has been a while since the “Links of the Week” blog has seen the light of day, but we’re bringing it out of retirement for a nice little run here that will last as long as its legs will let it. Just to give you a little preview of what to expect, I break down nuanced topics of high esteem that are heady, dignified and of the utmost importance. Then, I share neat internet stuff.

So before we get started, I shall take this opportunity to deliver a hot take about free throws.

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David's Words: Bowie Created Anthems for Our Lives


Musicians, like all the rest of us, come and go. They leave the world a better or, at least, a different place through their work, the way they made us feel, lessons they taught us, or moments they were a part of. The difference with musicians, particularly the great ones, is that they often represent all of the above.

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Looking Back on a Year of LIFE: 2015 Was a Year of Growth


We’re knocking on seven years of LIFE at Ideas in Motion Media. Since "the O.G." ValpoLife launching in March 2009, we’ve seen some hills and valleys but 2015 was definitely a year of growth for our Good News Network project.

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Top 10 Feature Stories on ValpoLife in 2015


It's been a great year for positive, heart-warming and inspiring stories from the Valparaiso community. From inspiration community members to hard working students, some incredible people and their stories were covered in 2015.

Do you have any positive news related stories to share with us? Don't hesitate to send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

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If You Could Give One Gift...


I love this time of year. The decorations, the music, the food, but most of all it’s the generosity that comes out of a person’s heart. I also love PostSecret, a unique community art project created in 2005 by Frank Warren. For those who aren’t familiar with the project. Warren dreamed up an idea to empower people by letting them admit their deepest feelings and secrets anonymously. What made it unique was that he asked that people write their secrets down on post cards and mail them to him. The response was overwhelming with millions of people mailing him their secrets on creatively decorated post cards.

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A Girl and a Game: Navigating a High School Football Season


Girls can aspire to be anything. Girls can break into whatever they want to. Girls can be a part of what men claim to be theirs. Football is no exception to those rules. When I was younger I never thought sports photography would be my “thing”. I didn’t play a single sport in school. I only watched games with some interest growing up - having memories of watching baseball with my dad and not truly understanding the love my grandfather and mom had for NASCAR (I’m still trying to figure that one out). I knew the rules of football, sure, but it was never something I truly loved. I was more of a soccer person, if that. It wasn’t until I started taking pictures of high school football years ago that I truly understood the phenomena. Though I was looking through my lens at a game that has been a part of American culture for decades, I was also...

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Project Neighbors Applauds Porter County Sheriff's Four Commitments


As a long-time advocate for inclusion in Valparaiso and Porter County, Project Neighbors is pleased with the progressive measures suggested by Sheriff Reynolds in response to the Darryl Jackson incident. The joint statement of Mr. Jackson, Sheriff Reynolds and Mayor Costas avoids finger pointing and stresses ways to move forward in our desire to become an even more welcoming community.

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Brick by Brick - Laying Foundation for Next 100 Years on Napoleon in Valparaiso

Bricks-Napoleon-Street 4

Our team has had a front row seat to the complete transformation of Napoleon Street in downtown Valparaiso over the past few months, and have enjoyed getting to know many of the guys working on every aspect of the job and the hard work they put into recreating this great little street with the character of historical Valpo.

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Don't Strive for Awards, Strive for Innovation


Humans are obsessed with recognition, we are obsessed with being rewarded, we are obsessed with being praised.

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