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It Takes a Team for Ideas in Motion Media to Win Awards


Over the past six years working at Ideas in Motion Media, the question I’ve received more than any other has been, “What’s it actually like to work there?”

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Upcoming Projects at PTSC - All Tax Neutral: PTSC Weekly Update

porter-township-schools-logoThis year we've been talking about our strategic plan and items that need to be addressed with our school facilities. While there are many to consider, we are focused on being considerate of our community tax payers and want to address our facility needs without any increase to tax bills. As we have been working to plan this, our next steps involve addressing safety and energy efficiency at Porter Lakes Elementary School.

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What Would Memorial School Be Like Without Rules by: Emilia Fezatt grade 3

EmilyFezattWhen I go to Memorial school it is full of rules. They teach you to say please and thank you. Yes it is true that the rules keep us in shape, but I would like to know what this school would be like without that mumbo jumbo thing called rules.

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Top 5 2015 Spring Features Articles for ValpoLife

ValpoLifeFeaturesLogoValparaiso has featured some amazing stories and individuals in 2015.Here are our favorite features from spring 2015!

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Listen to Your Mother 2015 Looks to Bring Together Voices About Motherhood

ltym-practice-2015As Mother's Day and the excitement of the upcoming Listen To Your Mother event approaches, a gamut of emotion and thought consume me as I pause with reflection on all the moments of happiness, excitement, pride, love, and the occasional sleep deprived, embarrassing moment that has filled my years of being a proud mother of 3. I, too, think of how fortunate I am to have the incredible blessing of my own mother, who at 87 years young, still never ceases to amaze me!

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High School: Something Unexpected

MalikaVoices1There comes a time in one’s life, especially as a teenager, when everything, and I mean everything, just plummets down on you. School, grades, work, family, friends, competitions, sports, and responsibilities are all the norm in the life of today’s average high school student.

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A Spark for Change: Maybe

sparkforchange rotator2-newHonest moment: I have been in a massive hole for approximately a month and a half. I have managed to peek my head out a few times for some laughs and happy moments, but I always seem to find a way to fumble back in. It hasn’t been pretty, and I haven’t been proud of it, but I think I’ve managed to safely climb out and move far enough away to ensure some much needed tranquility.

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