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Don't Strive for Awards, Strive for Innovation

innovationHumans are obsessed with recognition, we are obsessed with being rewarded, we are obsessed with being praised.

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Opposite of Adults

OppositeofAdultsOne of the laments I often hear from Facebook friends and followers is their stance towards moving forward in life or "adulting" as some jokingly call it. It's a term and state of life that seems to draw battle lines as both sides scramble to defend their own position on why growing up, or not growing up is completely justified.

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Summer is Gone, Long Live the Fall

WelcomeFallToday is the first day of fall for 2015, and I could not be more excited. Fall comes every year and unlike most seasonal changes always seems to not stay around quite as long as we’d like. This begs the question, what makes fall, especially Northwest Indiana fall so appealing? What makes us long for this brief period between the hot summers and cold winters?

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Watch it Big. Watch it Loud.

movie theatreFilms are meant to be big. By that, I don't mean big budget, but rather large screens and large speakers. Films projected on screens that reach to the ceiling and sound that rumbles your seat.

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Women’s Health Awareness for the Ladies of NWI

article-001-5-exercise-tipsHey busy NWI ladies – if we took a poll on how many of us neglect our own health as we rush from one task to the next, I have no doubt that, as a group, we would be a bit embarrassed by the number of us who preach self-care to others while neglecting ourselves. If you’re personally “not guilty”, please pass this article on to the woman next to you.

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2015 Hero Half Marathon to Support Police K9's

hero_10k_and_half_marathon_2014-4I am sure all of you have met my favorite 4-legged furry officer, Nikan, by now or at least heard about him. I am sure you would agree with me that he is pretty awesome. As Nikan's "mom" (yes, I consider him my baby), I was sad to hear he and the nine other State K9's did not have bullet and stab proof vests.

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Educational Helpers Wants to Thank You for Your Help

EducationalHelpersFashionShow 1Hi everyone, I'm Isabel and I am the founder of Educational Helpers. Some people already may know this but I started Educational Helpers when I was seven years old.

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