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Franciscan St. Anthony Health EMS Academy Offers Paramedic Training Program

rot6The Franciscan St. Anthony Health-Crown Point Emergency Medical Services Academy will accept applications until 4 p.m. Oct. 5 for its next paramedic training course, which will take place Jan. 5 until Dec. 5.

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Ovarian Cancer: Know the Signs

Ovarian-Cancer-Know-the-Signs-PorterIf you were thinking breast cancer, think again. Ovarian cancer kills more women than any other kind of reproductive cancer, in part because it produces no obvious symptoms until its later stages. Some early symptoms are easily mistaken for less serious medical problems and can include:

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Fear Not, Part 3: Every Day People Decide to Delay or Skip Important Health Screenings Because They are Apprehensive

Ingenia Pediatric 9Here, Porter’s professionals take a look at three diagnostic tests and help calm your fears, because taking these tests could save your life. The next is a MRI.

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Why Shin Splint Sufferers Should Consider Chiropractic

article-034-shin-splintsWhether you are an avid exerciser, an exuberant shopper, or a small child chaser, you have probably felt tightening and burning in your shin at one point in your life. Sometimes, the pain stops when the activity ceases, but other times the pain remains. If shin pain continues bothering you, it may be time to face the fact you have shin splints.

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Make Brushing Teeth Fun for Kids

tooth-patchIt’s important to get into good habits at a young age. But some of those habits, like brushing our teeth, aren’t easy habits to form. But there are ways to make brushing teeth fun so you can get your little ones on the right path at a young age. Check out the tips from us at Dr. Keary Bewick, DDS!

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Porter Regional Hospital Offers Support Groups in September 2015

Porter-New-Hospital-Coming-SoonPorter Regional Hospital will offer the following monthly support groups in September:

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5 Reasons Whiplash Sufferers Should Choose Chiropractic Care

article-033-whiplashOur neck is a busy body part. It holds up and turns our head, allowing us to see, hear, and speak in the direction we choose.

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