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Hearts of Hope Lights the Way for Cardiovascular Research in Northwest Indiana


The 12th Annual Hearts Of Hope ceremony was held at St. Mary Medical Center in Hobart on Wednesday. The Hearts of Hope campaign raises funds for the Cardiovascular Research program at the hospitals within the Community Healthcare System. The Cardiovascular Research program provides local access to new treatment options available only through national clinical trials and studies, which aim for better detection, treatment and prevention of heart disease.

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What Chiropractic Patients Want To Know About Occipital Neuralgia

article-112-occipital-neuralgiaMany headaches that people classify as migraines are actually not migraines at all. Two of the most common headaches confused with migraines are sinus headaches and occipital neuralgia.

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Watch How Easy It Is For Bacteria To Become Resistant To Antibiotics

article-111-antibiotic-resistanceAntibiotics have long been used to treat infection and illness. While they can be effective, there is a down side. Antibiotics can have some unpleasant side effects.

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Methodist Hospitals Offering Emergency Medical Technician Training Program

rot1Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) are front line, healthcare providers. EMTs work in a variety of environments transporting patients between facilities, responding to emergency calls, working in a hospital emergency department and wherever a first-response capability is required.

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4 Easy Stretches that Alleviate Piriformis Syndrome Pain

article-110-stretch-piriformisRoot canals. Kidney stones. Piriformis syndrome.

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Northwest Indiana Health Institutions Team with Indiana University School of Medicine - Northwest - Gary to Provide Local Residency Opportunities to Local Students


You might remember that back in 2014, there was some talk about a shortage of primary care physicians in Northwest Indiana. While this is still may be the case, we’re here to bring you the good news, as always.

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What Chiropractic Patients Want to Know About Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

article-109-si-dysfunctionYou try to stand up from a seated position and feel a stab of pain in your lower back. It may even shoot through your hip, buttock, or down the back of your thigh. The pain may even get worse then you walk uphill or sit for a long period of time. While these symptoms could mean a pinched nerve, lumbar disc herniation, hip bursitis, or degenerative hip disease, it could also be sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

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NorthShore Health Centers Form "My First Tooth" Coalition to Battle Early Childhood Tooth Decay


Visits to the dentist rate pretty low on the priorities list for some families in the United States. 60% of our children will experience dental decay before the age of five.

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How Chiropractic Positively Affects The Nervous System

article-108-nervous-systemAt its very foundation chiropractic helps improve nervous system function by making adjustments to the spine. Over time, more and more studies are proving that it is extremely effective and as a result many health conditions are improved and even healed completely.

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What Chiropractic Patients Need To Know About Acidity vs. Alkalinity In The Body

article-107-acid-alkalineThere has been a lot in the media lately about alkalinity and acidity in the body, but finding solid, straightforward information isn’t always easy. In short, acidity can cause a number of health issues. There are many benefits of bringing your body into balance.

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What Porterfield Chiropractic Patients Want To Know About Vegan Diets vs. Vegetarian Diets

article-106-vegan-vs-vegetarianVegan and vegetarian diet have long been touted as some of the healthiest diets for people of all walks of life. There is a lot of confusion and many misconceptions, though, about the two.

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