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Brain Balance Affiliations: Dr Robert Melillo

Brain-Balance-Affiliations-Dr-Robert-MelilloIn the early 1990’s Dr. Robert Melillo began seeing a marked increase in children with learning and behavioral issues visiting his practice. Parents were concerned and desperate to help their children. This was the beginning of a long and passionate journey for Dr. Melillo as he developed the Brain Balance Program.

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Brain Basics: A Brain in Sync

brain-balance-SFThe idea of a functional relationship between the left and right sides of the brain is hardly new. In 1949, Canadian neuropsychologist Donald O. Hebb, PhD, famously concluded that “cells that fire together wire together” after he conducted research to figure out how the brain thinks and processes information. The adage means that brains cells that are activated, fired, and come to threshold at the same time will literally build physical connections to one another. In order for this to happen, timing is crucial, especially during early brain development. If neurons don’t fire at precisely the right time, the connection doesn’t happen and it is lost forever. This glitch can happen at any time, especially in the womb when early right brain development is taking place. This is why pregnancy is such a vulnerable time for autism to...

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VNA Phoenix Center Helping Lost and Hurting Teens and Children Feel Whole Again


The mission of the VNA of NWI is to be the most patient-focused provider of aging, hospice, palliative, and grief support services in Northwest Indiana. VNA is all about caring and one of the ways they do that is to provide grief support programs for children at the VNA Phoenix Center in Valparaiso.

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Frontline Foundations: So What Are We Going to Do About It?

Frontline-FoundationsPlease watch and share! Mark Chamberlain, CEO of Lakeside Wealth Management Group, talks candidly about an issue affecting our entire community.

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Porter-Starke Services' "Overcoming Adversity Together" Breakfast Raises Awareness for PTSD


Porter-Starke Services' second annual "Overcoming Adversity Together" community conversation featured keynote speaker Edward Tick Ph. D., author of War and the Soul. His book and his Monday morning lecture discuss the ways active-duty transforms a Warrior and how we can provide a place to come home to.

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Dr. Michael Yapko, Ph.D. Talks Mental Health at 2016 Porter-Starke Symposium


Depression is an overwhelming problem to the individual and to our community. It has been called the leading cause of disability throughout the world, a genetic disorder, and a disease. At this year’s Porter-Starke Symposium Dr. Michael D Yapko called it a state of mind that can be overcome.

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Support our Military with Tips from MHA of Porter County

Mental-Health-America-Porter-CountyMental Health America of Porter County supports our service men and women and honors their service to our country. Whether a reservist or full-time military person, return from deployment means the embrace of family and friends, and resuming everyday life.

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Brain Balance of Valparaiso Looks to Create Stability through Tools Like Physical Stimulation


Brain Balance of Valparaiso understands the importance of a balanced brain and the process it requires to build and restore that balance. An unbalanced brain can be the cause of so many academic, social or behavioral issues. 

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Linking Antidepressants and Autism

New-Developments-In-MedicineDepression isn’t new among pregnant women, but antidepressants may not provide the answer they’re seeking.

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Brain Balance Achievement Center of Valparaiso Wants to Help Families Restore Balance in their Children's Lives


In 2006, Dr. Robert Melillo began a new program, based upon years of research on children beginning to show symptoms of a startling trend. Going all the way back to 1990, Dr. Melillo began to notice children exhibiting learning and behavior issues. With a strong desire to find a solution and by working with his own children, Dr. Melillo began his journey towards finding a solution that would lead him to the culmination of his legacy, Brain Balance Achievement Centers.

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Porter-Starke Services And ‘The Inspiration Project’ Are Strengthening Our Community Through Stories

porter-starke-learn-lunch-2015-1Porter-Starke Services hosted their monthly Learn@Lunch educational series at their location in Portage on Tuesday. This month's informative educational lecture was “The Inspiration Project,” which was presented to those attending from around the region by Porter-Starke’s own Sandy Carlson, Vice President of Clinical Services at Porter-Starke.

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