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Mental Health

Porter-Starke Services to host Mental Health First Aid Course in the Summer of 2015

Porter-Starke-Mental-Health-First-Aid-2015Many of us have been trained to offer first aid in emergency situations like a heart attack, choking, or trouble breathing. But what does depression look like? Or anxiety? What would you say to a person who says they are thinking about suicide? How can you help someone having a panic attack?

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Porter-Starke's 6th Annual Living Health, Balance and Hope Symposium Focuses on Resiliency

porter-starke-symposium-2015-2Clinicians, supporters, and business representatives in the community attended the 6th Annual Living Health, Balance and Hope Symposium for Porter-Starke Services in the Valparaiso University Harre Union Ballroom, to learn more about resilience in mental health.

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Regional Mental Health Celebrating Mental Health Month

mental-health-monthMay is Mental Health Month! Always be sure to take care of your body AND mind. We can help with the mind part at Regional Mental Health. We offer very useful services such as:

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Strong Relationships through Porter-Starke Services Lay the Groundwork for a Powerful and Productive Environment

beyond-boundaries-mastheadBeyond Boundaries is a division of Porter-Starke Services that designs customized workshops, retreats and programs to help people of all ages in any group to strengthen their relationships by effectively communicating and problem-solving. You pick the time, topic and location, whether that is the board room, an office or the Beyond Boundaries Challenge Course.

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Bullying in the Workplace: Stop it in its Tracks

bullying-in-the-workplace-rotatorSometimes the worst thing someone can do is nothing at all. When bullying happens and it’s witnessed, no solution will be found if that witness won’t stand up for what’s right. So here, in the second of the three part series about workplace bullying, we’ll talk about what you can do if you are a bystander seeing bullying in action.

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Workplace Bullying: See It Clearly

Time-for-Quiet-MindIt’s all over the news, we hear about it from friends and family, and we see it in real life: bullies. Bullying is a real thing and it’s happening every day. Right now the spotlight is on what’s happening to our youth with cyber bullying and incidences in and out of the classroom, but one must remember that bullying doesn’t stop with adolescence. It can follow us into adulthood, and into the workplace.

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Mental Health America Porter County Works with Colleges & Interns in 2015

MHAPC-Works-with-Colleges-and-InternsMental Health America of Porter County is a small, non-profit organization who purpose is to promote mental wellness. We achieve this by providing advocacy, education, resource, and support services. We have been making a difference in the Porter County Community for over 60 years!

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