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Extra Mile: Helping the Runners of LIFE


Two of us ‘LIFERs’ here at Ideas in Motion Media have spent the summer preparing for our upcoming fall half marathons. Jenny Craig and I have put the hours in for training but we needed to take the next step to make sure we’ve got the equipment needed to have a successful race. Recently, we took a trip to Extra Mile in Valparaiso to gear up and learn about what we need to be prepared for our upcoming 13.1 mile trek.

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Pumps Fitness: Need Motivation?

Pumps-Fitness-Need-Motivation-2016Need Motivation?
A dose of motivation will change your life almost overnight.

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JDRF Walk Raises More Than $100,000 For Diabetes Research


Mornings are a little different at the Larson household since their daughter Skyler was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes over four years ago.

Mom Danielle counts the carbs for Skyler. Dad Robert pulls a Dexcom CGM – a small device that monitors Skylar’s blood sugar levels automatically every five minutes and sends the results to the wireless monitor her father carries with him everywhere.

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Extra Mile Fitness Company Newsletter, August 31, 2016

EXM-Popcorn-Panic-Preview-2016We have a lot of great information in this week's email. The Popcorn Panic is next week (September 10). If you have never participated, this is a fun annual event for all to enjoy as there is also the 'Lil Kernel run too!

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Franciscan Alliance: 5 Reasons Why We Should Eat Like It's the 1950's Again!

rot6Having trouble figuring out what to eat? Don't know if you should be "eating clean," dairy free, gluten free, GMO free, carb free, high protein, organic, low fat, high fat or paleo? (No wonder people are always confused about what to eat or how to lose weight!)

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Pumps Fitness Spotlight on Larry Jortner

Pumps-Fitness-Larry-JortnerOn many levels, I’ve had a good 55 years of life. My blessings include good education, fulfilling employment and 20 years in Valparaiso with my wonderful wife Diane and the kids we have raised together. However, even since early childhood (with one five year pause into normalcy between the end of high school to law school entry), I have been medically obese. Then in 2001, the roof really fell in!

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Pumps Fitness Pilates Reformer Classes Taking Place in August and September 2016

pilates-reformer-Aug-Sept-2016What is Pilates Reformer?
One of the best things about the reformer is its versatility.

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What Do You Do With Wet Shoes?

EXM-What-Do-You-do-with-wet-shoesWith the rain over the past couple of days, we've had a few calls on what to do with your wet feet and shoes. It basically comes down to GOOD SOCKS & NEWSPAPER.

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Shed Those Post-Vacation Pounds in 2016 with Franciscan Alliance, Inc.

Franciscan-Shed-Those-Pounds-2016Now that everyone is winding down their summer vacations and getting ready for the start of the school year, it is time to get back into the swing of things. Here are some tips on how to lose some of those pesky vacation pounds from Franciscan’s Kelly Devine Rickert, a registered dietician and health coach.

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Franciscan Alliance: Healthy Breakfast Recipes!

rot6Looking for a quick healthy breakfast idea? Check out two of my favorites below!

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Pumps Fitness Spotlight on Stephani Dujmovich

Stephani-DujmovichI have never been athletic or very coordinated; in fact, clumsy so no sports in school for me. I had been thin most of my life, but when I got to college I gained that freshman 15, which prompted me to get to the gym. I loved it not only for the physical gratification but also the social aspect.

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