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Pumps Fitness Recipes: Slow Cooker Brisket and Veggies

Pumps-Fitness-Recipes-Slow-Cooker-Brisket-and-VeggiesThere are two phenomenal things about this recipe...

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A Message from Ian Bowen of Pumps Fitness: 28 Day Full Body Shred


I must tell you all about the program I’ve been using made with a few of my personal training clients (who I used as test subjects... that's code for "Guiana pigs").

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Pumps Fitness: 7 Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight

Pumps-Fitness-7-reasons-you-arent-losing-weight Weight loss is often a frustrating pursuit, eluding even those who eat healthy and exercise. So what gives? Why won’t the scale budge even as you put out tremendous effort?

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Pumps Fitness Recipes: Chopped Chicken Salad with Creamy Peanut Butter Dressing

Pumps-Fitness-Recipes-Chopped-Chicken-Salad-with-Creamy-Peanut-Butter-DressingIt takes a lot to get most people excited about a salad. Run of the mill salads don’t even stand a chance. Until now. I can’t believe how flavorful this Chopped Chicken Salad with Creamy Peanut Dressing is!

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Pumps Fitness Recipes: Zucchini Quinoa Chocolate Chip Muffins

Pumps-Fitness-Recipes-Zucchini-Quinoa-Chocolate-Chip-MuffinsThese aren’t just any old muffins! I’ve done a few things to bump up the nutritional value to set them apart from other muffin recipes. Here’s what makes these muffins better for your health and for your waistline:

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Pumps Fitness: Meal Prep Made Easy

Pumps-Fitness-Beginners-Guide-to-FitnessMeal prep made easy
It’s no secret that the most dedicated fitness enthusiasts partake in the world of meal prepping, and many confess that this is the secret weapon behind their jaw-dropping body transformations. Meal prep is without a doubt one of the most reliable ways to consistently shed pounds, week after week.

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Pumps Fitness Recipes: Dark Chocolate Coconut Cups

Pumps-Fitness-Recipes-Dark-Chocolate-Coconut-CupsOh My Goodness! These dark chocolate coconut cups are the perfect recipe for your new sweet tooth obsession! It’s super easy to make and tastes like candy without the guilt. Keep you freezer loaded with these tasty treats! Enjoy!

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Pumps Fitness: How To Stop Craving The Wrong Foods

Pumps-Fitness-How-To-Stop-Craving-The-Wrong-Foods_01You wake up each morning with every intention of eating "good" today.

You'll skip the drive thru line on your way to work. You'll refuse to get fast food with co-workers at lunch. You'll boycott the vending machine in the mid-afternoon. And you won't even think about having dessert after dinner.

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Pumps Fitness Spotlight on La Donna Trapp!


“I look healthier, leaner and sculpted. I am happier.”

These words are in my “Personal Decree” that I wrote 5 months ago when I started at Pumps. Ian gave me homework that required me to outline my personal goals and write a short decree that I could read on a daily basis to keep me motivated.

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Pumps Fitness Recipes: Super Food Spinach Salad

Pumps-Fitness-Recipes-Super-Food-Spinach-SaladThis salad is truly super – boasting all the nutrient powers of spinach, avocado and 3 types of seeds. It’s amazing how wonderfully flavorful these real food ingredients are.

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Pumps Fitness Recipes: Drink Your Way Thin?

Pumps-Fitness-Beginners-Guide-to-FitnessIf you’ve been interested in fitness and health for more than a minute, then you know by now how important drinking plenty of water is for getting your body into top shape.

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