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Alex Trichak Enjoys Benefits of Chiropractic During Pregnancy with Porterfield Family Chiropractic

During pregnancy, most women could use a little help feeling more at ease. With so many changes and so much stress being placed on the body, it’s no wonder women feel tense, uncomfortable, and generally a little under the weather.

For Alexandra Trichak, a patient at Porterfield Family Chiropractic, a trip to the chiropractor was exactly what she needed to ease the symptoms of pregnancy and make the process of labor that much easier. As someone who previously received adjustments, Trichak was familiar with chiropractic work, but didn’t receive treatment on a regular basis

“I did receive treatment earlier, but I stopped when I was pregnant and ended up needing it again. My back was out of place and I had to stop working because of how bad it was,” explained Trichak.

As a doctor with previous experience working with pregnant women, Dr. Ryan Porterfield knew the value of helping Trichak through her pregnancy with regular adjustments. With a schedule to get her on track, aligned, and maintained, Tirchak was able to see her pregnancy through in relative comfort.

"In Alex’s case, we were supposed to go into maintenance, but last trimester it’s recommended that you go weekly until you deliver,” explained Porterfield. “So, where we would have moved her to a couple of times a month, we kept her at once a week. We actually saw her the Thursday before delivery.”

Trichak had a weekend to relax before going into labor on Monday morning. While many women experience intense pain and long labor times, Alex spent only 11 hours in labor, and very little of that time was spent actively pushing.

“It was quick and easy. My first contraction was at 2:27am and I got to the hospital at 6am. He [her son, Beckett] was here by 1:27 and I only pushed for 20 minutes,” explained Trichak.

After such a quick labor, a healthy boy was brought into the world. Trichak, thrilled with her chiropractic care, results, and simplicity of delivery, was quick to return for treatments after her labor.

“I came three days after. After labor, your body is just done and I knew I needed to come in,” said Trichak. “ My healing process is better. I can concentrate on healing and I can relax.”

During her first visit back, she even allowed the doctor to adjust her son, which had quite the effect on the baby. While many may worry about the effects of adjusting a young child or baby, Dr. Porterfield insists that it is safe, gentle, and very beneficial for the child.

“Babies respond incredibly well, so do kids. You have to have someone who knows how to do it,” said Porterfield. “I have to change my technique, but Alex held him and I adjusted him a bit. It’s very gentle and right away he fell asleep.”

It’s easy to see that chiropractic care can be used for helping more than just a sore back or neck. Trichak firmly believes that the chiropractic work was responsible for the quick and easy labor she experienced.

“There are people who tense up when they get adjusted, but this worked. I would recommend it,” said Trichak.

While there may be questions, Dr. Porterfield is sure to be able to answer them and ease any concern a patient has about chiropractic care during pregnancy. Children, babies, pregnant women, and others stand to benefit from the ability to align the body and allow it to communicate effectively with itself.

“If the body is in proper alignment there are no obstructions, your brain is able to talk to those organs and they can do what they’re supposed to do,” said Porterfield.

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