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Pam Engelhart Uses Massage Therapy to Aid Patients at Kostidis Chiropractic

At the chiropractor's office, one may not normally expect to be referred to a massage therapist. Kostidis Chiropractic Clinic does just that, though, and sends people along to their in-house licensed Massage Therapist, Pam Engelhart.

Engelhart has been working with Kostidis for over a year now, and spends her time aiding patients in many ways, be it by helping them to relax before or after an adjustment, or by just treating the muscles around problem areas. For her, the best way to start any session is by talking with clients to get an idea of what their problem areas are.

“First, we talk and I get an idea of what’s going on with them, whether it be their neck, lower back, or something else that’s bothering them. We talk about how much pressure they can take,” said Engelhart. “A lot of the clients get a massage before they get adjusted, which helps relax the muscles, so getting adjusted is easier and actually lasts longer.”

The benefits of massage therapy are numerous, beginning with a general feeling of relaxation and moving all the way through improved muscle function. For Engelhart, helping people was a passion for her from the beginning, and massage therapy is one way she can do so.

“I love that I help people and that they feel better when they’re done. That’s what keeps me going,” said Engelhart. “Hearing stories about people feeling better, it’s my reward. It makes me feel good about what I'm doing and lets me know that I’m on the right track.”

Engelhart frequently helps people and uses various methods to do so. Through cupping, hot stones, or traditional massage methods she is able to create a more relaxed muscle, which according to her, makes the adjustment and chiropractic segment a little easier for everyone.

“Whenever I massage the area that’s bothering them, it loosens up the muscles, so when the doctor adjusts and moves the bone, it’s easier. The adjustment stays longer and they feel better a lot longer,” said Engelhart.

In addition to helping her clients feel better, Engelhart enjoys the staff she works with at Kostidis Chiropractic Clinic and believes the chiropractic work and massage therapy go hand in hand to make clients feel better overall.

“The doctors and girls upstairs are a great team and we go hand in hand,” said Engelhart.

For anyone looking for some relaxation, or interested in seeing how massage therapy can help their chiropractic work go just a little smoother, head over to Kostidis Chiropractic Clinic. With doctors who do great work and a massage therapist like Engelhart to help, patients are granted a wonderful opportunity to feel better.

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