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Kostidis Chiropractic Offers ChiroThin Weight Loss Options

While the chiropractor may not be the place you think to look for weight loss solutions, Kostidis Chiropractic Clinic of Valparaiso is one where your dream of losing 20-45 pounds in a relatively short amount of time can be realized. Kostidis is able to do so by monitoring their patients and providing ChiroThin, a dietary supplement specifically provided to chiropractors which promises to aid in weight loss.

As a unique supplement and weight loss regimen, patients are monitored by a chiropractor and provided with everything they need to get started on their weight loss journey. Even better, there are no shakes, prepackaged meals, or intense exercise recommendations. In fact, the program lasts for only 42 days where patients are encouraged to eat foods that work well with the ChiroThin product

Provided by ChiroNutracutical, the supplement claims to aid patients lose 20-45 pounds over the course of six weeks. During that short amount of time, the supplement and its program claims to help break patients of bad habits, learn how to shop and eat healthier, become less dependent on prescription drugs, and reset their body mass index.

By combining low glycemic-index foods with an anti-inflammatory diet, the serum aids in fatty acid metabolism and suppresses hunger. Additionally, it stabilizes the blood sugar, leading to fewer cravings and much less feeling of hunger. While the original days may be a bit of an adjustment, after the first week, most patients are energetic, satisfied, and witnessing a substantial amount of weight loss.

The supplement aims to help patients change their lives and lose weight. With over 90,000 programs sold, this regimen has helped many lose weight and change their lives. To see if the program may be a good fit for you, contact Kostidis Chiropractic to schedule a free consultation! With two years of experience with the program and hundreds of people helped, they may be able to aid you on your weight loss goals!

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