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Kostidis Chiropractic Offers K-Laser Therapy for Patients

Technology in the medical and chiropractic field is always changing. With updates, new products, and new equipment available to aid patients, it’s important for chiropractic offices to stay on top of the latest innovation.

Kostidis Chiropractic Clinic is proud to be one of those offices and offers the benefit of Laser Therapy! While the technology has been used in Europe for over 30 years, it only recently gained FDA clearance in the United States. Kostidis was quick to jump in and boasts the K-Laser 1200 at their office, the first Class IV therapy laser to be cleared by the FDA which combines independent wavelength treatment and tandem dual-infrared beams.

"We're the only clinic between Chicago and Indianapolis with this laser," explained Nick Kostidis of Kostidis Chiropractic Clinic. "It's actually the same laser the New York Yankees use, it's pretty neat."

This laser allows them to stimulate tissues within the body at the cellular level, aiding the body in its ability to heal. This leads to enhanced repair and growth. It can also decrease inflammation and pain for patients, increase circulation, and leads to an increase in tissue repair.

"We treat neck pain, back pain, and carpal tunnel," said Kostidis. "We see a lot of marathon runners, this can help with plantar fasciitis." 

For those concerned with pain or discomfort during treatment, there is usually very little sensation from the laser. If anything, patients may experience a warmth or tingling sensation in the area being treated. Additionally, there are very few side effects. In fact, most patients experience zero side effects from the treatment!

If time is a concern, treatment typically takes between three and nine minutes according to the Kostidis Chiropractic website. Of course this can depend upon the size of the area requiring treatment, but most patients can expect a quick visit. Some acute conditions need between one and six treatments, meaning the procedure is not only quick, but doesn’t require long-term upkeep! Chronic conditions can be a bit more intensive, often requiring between 10 and 15 treatments.

For more information on the K-Laser Therapy and what it may be able to do for you, call 219-465-1140 or visit their website!

Kostidis Chiropractic Clinic
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