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Featured Profiles: The Best Bang for Your Marketing Buck

Featured Profiles: The Best Bang for Your Marketing BuckOut of all of the ways for a company to market itself with, the Featured Profile is the most cost effective. With a Featured Profile, a company essentially has its own storefront created for them on a 100% positive, locally-focused, community website.

On your company’s Featured Profile, you will be able to connect yourself and your company to a fast growing, active online community by s detailing your products or services in your own language. You can start spreading your message through interviews, videos, articles, photos, advertisements—you name it.

Additional benefits to companies that market themselves on ValpoLife are wide ranging. Companies who are marketing themselves on are given the opportunity to share their expertise in a particular area through educational and informational articles, stories, video, or any other form of communication to the Valparaiso community. These communications will be run both through our article rotation and simultaneously hosted on the Featured Profile. Additionally, companies that market with ValpoLife are given free weekly coupon placement in the Best of Valpo weekly newsletter, usually at a cost of $200 per month or four-week run. These coupons are sent out to over 3,500 individuals through our newsletter and this service is free to the companies that market with ValpoLife for the duration of their Featured Profile run.

For the reasonable, site introductory price of $2000 for six months, or $,000 for a year, a Featured Profile is a must for any small to midsize business in or around the Valparaiso area. For the value of the impressions received, at an averaged cost of under $100 dollars per month, you would be hard pressed to find a better bang for your marketing buck.

For more information on Featured Profiles, you can download our Marketing Kit PDF, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call us at 219.707.5023.


Brett Fuller is the Managing Editor and Operations Manager for the LIFE network and specializes in social media engagement and content development. Visit Brett on , LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.