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Kids Say The Darndest Things

I have been having a blast student teaching. I am thouroughly exhausted every evening and usually will come home and try to sneak in a 2-3 hour nap before I wake up to try to do some homework and paperwork, but it has been non stop learning and fun for me. I have a great respectful class. I was caught off guard however when some of the children started asking how old I was. I heard the age 32 mentioned. 32!? 32! Then the children asked me an evening more interesting question.

They asked if I was married. I replied no and waved my left hand showing them there was no ring on it. They replied by saying "Good! Don't get married! And don't tell the single teachers in the school that your not married!" Apparently they have already picked up on the common steriotype that teachers marry teachers.

I am still reeling however from being called 32. But it gets you thinking about how you viewed the world and people in your younger years. If I met the young me back in the days when I roamed the halls of Immanuel Lutheran School, would I think myself an old 32 year old? Would I think I was cooler because I wasn't married?

There is always speak about realizing your inner child, but for such thoughts and how we percieved the world back then, much of it is forever lost. It's great to work with young minds to be able to see how they view our world.

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