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Bowman Memorial Remarks

Charles F. Bowman (1919-2009) Valpo Rotary, April 13, 2009, Memorial Remarks

Look over any community from the air and you will note some steeples rising like a finger pointing towards heave.  Charles Bowman was a steeple person to our community.  He rose above and always pointed to "service above self".

Those of you who did not know this remarkable man should know that in the second half of the twentieth century, there was hardly any important endeavor of Valparaiso that he was not a part of.  Long before the Obama campaign used the expression "yes we can do it", Charlie would say to the rest of our citizens, "yes we can do it."

When Valpo needed a new high school, Charlie led the effort, we needed to re-locate the fair grounds, Charlie led; invent a new gourmet pop corn with friend Orville Redenbacher, Charlie was the brains behind Orville's flair and salesmanship.  The same was true with the YMCA, with the First Methodist Church, with the Rotary Club,  with Purdue University, with the beginning and launching of the Popcorn Festival, with Valparaiso University, with the Chamber of Commerce, the Northwest Indiana Forum.  Indeed with any enterprise that lead to "the common good".  Charles Bowman lead the way!

Always supported by his kindly wife Mary, by daughters Judy, June and Connie, and a host of respectful friends, he was a steeple person that pointed us upward and onward.  Rotary salutes our valued leader and hopefully will remember how generously he shared his time and resources.  Every time we are faced with obstacles, we remember the one amongst us who would say by word and deed, "yes, we can".