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Lifers Celebrate the Holidays

NWI-Holiday-Tweetup 25Photos from the NWI Tweetup Holiday Office Party can be seen here!

It's the last Tweetup of 2014! We at Ideas in Motion Media love the holidays and we love Life (There's a reason they call us "Lifers"). And we are all about sharing the love with great people. So we shared our holiday office party with our business partners, family, and friends.

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Sam Anello's Light Show Benifitting Angel Tree

My_light_show_benifitting_Angel_Tree-1Come see my free light show at 152 Congress Drive, Valparaiso, IN any night from 5 to pm until the new year. If you feel inspired, you can even donate a couple bucks to Angel Tree children's charity while you are there. Here's a preview.

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PTSC Weekly Update: Winter Break so Soon?

PTSC-Weekly-Update-12-15-14Winter Break so Soon?
Remember those days when summer seemed to last forever and time didn't seem to move so quickly? I can't believe we are already in the last few weeks of our first semester and headed into our winter break. While I believe everyone looks forward to a few days off of school and work--I hope that we can all use this time to reflect on the past year and find things for which we are thankful. Wrapping up a year is always the perfect time for reflection and gratitude. It's also important to look toward 2015 and dream about what you'd like to accomplish during this new year. What is on your list of dreams?

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A LIFEtime of Memories in 14 Months

good-life-awardsThis week, I began a new adventure as a Regional Editor for the North Shore Patch sites, covering seven news sites in Chicago's north suburbs from Evanston up to Lake Forest. I am extremely excited about this opportunity as it has always been a goal of mine to work in journalism in the Chicago area. But just as fun as it has been these last couple weeks looking forward to this great opportunity, it has been amazing to look back at the last 14 months working for Ideas in Motion Media, that good news group out of Northwest Indiana. In addition to working alongside a dream team of hard workers, I got to do a lot of cool stuff. A LOT.

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Valparaiso High School Freshman Academy LINCS Ring Ceremony 2014

LINCS-Ring-Ceremony-2014Undeniably, the research is clear, it is imperative that students have a successful experience during their freshman year of high school. Studies have shown that when a student falls behind during the first year of high school, it often is too big of a hole to get out of. As a result, the student will struggle to get back on track to graduate and will be ill-prepared for either postsecondary schooling or to enter the workforce directly. Therefore, providing freshmen students the opportunity to be successful and to meet their individual needs is a focal point of many high schools. One of the most successful strategies to meet such needs at Valparaiso High School started about a decade ago with the formation of the Freshman Academy.

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Porter Township Schools Weekly Update, Strategic Planning: Facilities

porter-township-schools-logoLast year we worked on building a strategic plan for PTSC. Under the area of Finance and Operations one goal was as follows:

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A Spark for Change: What's a Slicer?

sparkforchange rotator2I have lived in La Porte my whole life. The amount of times I have been asked what a Slicer is has reached an astronomical number. Teams have tauntingly chanted it across gyms, and people from places I have visited have innocently inquired about our unique mascot. I would gladly regale others with the story of the local meat slicing company generously donating money to our school, but I feel now I know the reason La Porte has the Slicer mascot.

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