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What Students Don't Know

sparkforchange rotator2-newI am here to set the record straight once and for all. I am going to debunk a myth that too many people believe. You all must know the sacred truth that it is the students, NOT the teachers, who make the impact and have the biggest influence.

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Namaste, Mudathletes!

lauraleeYou all know that Anytime Fitness of Michigan City just went through some changes. There's more room, it's all squeaky clean, and there are now classes offered!

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So Close You Can Almost Feel the Mud


Mudathlon is almost here! Let the panic ensue!!!

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A Spark for Change: It Isn't the Critic Who Counts

sparkforchange rotator5I have spent my whole life trying to please. I wanted to be liked by everyone. I wanted everyone to be proud of me. I wanted to make sure I did everything I could to make someone else happy. Basically, I was looking for validation from every single person who I came in contact with, and all I did was set myself up for years of frustration. Even when I did everything I thought I could to make everyone else happy, there were still people who didn't like me or what I was doing. There were times I was completely ripped apart by people even when I did my absolute best.

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Keeping Things Fresh Before Getting Muddy

treadmill-tvI made the trek from the office today to Anytime Fitness of La Porte for a change of scene for my Mudathlon training. That's probably my favorite part about being a member of Anytime Fitness. I have access to any club so if I'm not close to my home in Crown Point, I can still get a good workout in. 

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More Mud Training? Hill Yes!

Mud-training-campAs the title suggests, there were hills involved in this week's Extra Mile Fitness Mudathlon training session.

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Getting a Leg Up on Training

2013 mudathlon chTo continue my Mudathlon training saga, I thought it would be good to drop some knowledge on you, readers. I recently experienced "Leg Day", and though it was tough. I will reap the benefits later.

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