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Adam Kerr of Lake Shore Motors and the Ultimate Rush

Lake Shore Motors is a family owned and operated car dealership that has been leading the ranks for 32 years and three generations of family members. Adam Kerr belongs to the third generation of that family, and he is more than happy to help carry on the torch.

“I’ve been coming to Lake Shore since I was born. I can’t remember not being here,” Kerr laughed. “One of my first memories is of walking into the service department and seeing a nice Mustang!”

It was love at first sight. Kerr officially began working odds and ends jobs at the dealership when he was 14, gradually accepting more responsibility and higher leadership roles until he rooted himself at the used car building. As Assistant Used Car Manager, one of Kerr’s primary responsibilities is buying cars at auction, which is an adventure in and of itself.

“It’s a rush of adrenaline when you watch this car go up to the block, and it’s you and three other guys and you’re all bidding on it,” Kerr said. “When I get a car, it’s a huge rush. That’s probably the greatest part about my job is being able to do that, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever done before. It’s over in like 30 seconds but it’s awesome!”

Kerr also coordinates with different auctions in different markets to wholesale used cars. When he’s on site at Lake Shore Motors, he relishes working with customers and coworkers.

“I love the atmosphere,” Kerr said. “It’s not your typical car dealership. We’ve had people here for 25 years selling cars for us; it’s fun, there’s low pressure, and everyone’s really in love with the place, like me. Everyone here is always coming in energetic with a smile.”

Whenever someone he works with has a bad day, Kerr knows just how to lift spirits. Having studied improv, acting, and writing at Second City, he can pull just the right accent or quip to lighten the mood. Occasionally, this skill comes in handy with customers, too, and keeping the customers’ spirits lifted reflects Lake Shore Motors’ mission.

“We try to separate ourselves from other dealerships and elevate the experience for the customer” Kerr said. “You know, the second largest purchase in anyone’s life is a vehicle, so we want to make sure that they feel comfortable and that they don’t have any misgivings. We do anything we can to make the customer more comfortable and to enjoy their experience.”

Kerr said the dealership’s one-price model (what’s printed on the windshield of the cars on the lot is the most competitive price for that vehicle on the market, hands down) further sets Lake Shore Motors apart, and gave kudos to the sales team for helping to keep their relationships with customers authentic.

“Our sales staff is really laid back; they’re totally committed to finding a vehicle that suits the customers’ needs, and they always keep the customer involved in every step of the process so it’s stress-free and easy,” Kerr said. “We also offer a 48-hour money back guarantee for all our vehicles, a five-day exchange policy, and we’re noncommission sales.”

Along with all this affinity for his place of work, Kerr still has his root love for cars. When he’s not working with cars at Lake Shore Motors, he’s out cruising along the curviest backroad he can find.

“It’s all worked out pretty well for me, having the passion and opportunities I’ve had,” Kerr said. “I’m pretty blessed.”

To learn more about Lake Shore Motors, visit www.lakeshoremotors.com.

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