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Sarah Mihut Joins the Terry's Discount Windows & More Family

Terry’s Discount Windows and More already has a stellar reputation in Valparaiso for the quality of their work. They make sure that the job is done right and if any problems arise, they are quick to fix them.

But a company is only as good as the employees that work there. Terry and Julie Keelen realized this early and that is why they recently hired Sarah Mihut to be their Operations Manager.

A resident of Chesterton and graduate from Chesterton High School, Sarah has lived in a variety of places, including Romania.

“I’m Romanian, and my family is from Romania,” Sarah said. “I lived in Romania for a while, and I still have family there. I try to go visit them as much as I can.”

Sarah can speak fluent Romanian and says that it is more Latin and “sounds a bit like Spanish.”

Sarah currently works part time for her parents at Color Pro and for Terry’s Discount Windows, but is moving to full time at Terry’s in February. She’s no stranger to Terry’s as she is currently engaged to the owner’s son, Caleb, and is set to be married in June.

“I’ve been hanging out with everyone here since before I started working, so it was easy to transition into working here,” explained Sarah. “We’re a very tight knit group.”

In addition to having a familiarity with the workers, Sarah is happy to be helping the crew accomplish tasks as needed.

“Every day is a bit crazy here, I love it. I’m still learning the job, but I’m just helping everyone here and there if they’re falling behind,” explained Sarah. “There were a lot of jobs these last few months, so I was busy helping a lot.”

This influx of jobs was partly due to Terry’s helping people winterize their homes in preparation for the seasonal changes that occur in the fall. It isn’t uncommon for them to come to places like Terry’s to replace their windows before the cold sets in.

“Some days we are so busy, I look up from my work and I’m like, oh my gosh, it’s already 5 o’clock,” Sarah said.

Even with the busy schedule, Sarah says she loves working with the crew.

“Terry and Julie are great to work for, they’re so nice,” explained Sarah.

Clearly, the Keelen’s have an eye for talent, and hire in those that not only bring their unique talents to the job, but who can mesh well with the current employees. With smart moves like these, coupled with the quality workmanship, Terry’s Discount Windows and More is guaranteed to see growth in the coming years.

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