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Meet Pete! Maintenance Supervisor at The Lakes of Valparaiso



At The Lakes of Valpo, they hold a reputation for beautiful apartments, friendly staff, and for being an upscale community dedicated to providing only the best for their residents. One of the key players in providing this lifestyle is Maintenance Supervisor, Peter Reynolds.

Reynolds has been at The Lakes of Valpo since August, leveraging his 24 years of experience to bring excellent service to residents. As a valued member of the team, he’s in charge of organizing his team of maintenance technicians and accomplishing all requests that are submitted by residents.

“I’ve been with Weiss Entities for almost four years,” explained Reynolds. “I am a working supervisor and manage three technicians as well. We receive our work orders from the office staff as residents submit them. We start the mornings by making sure the clubhouse is tidy for the residents and cleaning up the grounds and doggy stations. I review all of the service requests and we work to complete them within 24 hours if at all possible.”

His years of experience serve him well at The Lakes, as they strive to maintain the quality and consistency in the homes they provide for residents. With so many years of experience, Reynolds is glad that he made the decision to move into maintenance many years ago, actually happening upon the job by luck.

“I worked for a hardware store in the western suburbs in Chicago and I worked my way up to store manager,” said Reynolds. “We had a realtor who kept coming in and kept asking for me - over the years he asked me to join his team and it finally got to the point where I accepted. After that, I’ve been doing it ever since.”

That decision has led him down a path he loves, and given great maintenance resources to many throughout the years. Now, he enjoys his opportunity to meet residents and work with his staff to help others. Even better, he strives to complete repairs within 24 hours, barring special circumstances.

“I like helping people. You get to meet residents when they first come in and move into their new home,” said Reynolds. “It’s helping somebody. If someone has a specific issue we take care of it for them, we do our very best to make them happy.”

Reynolds is also proud to be with The Lakes and their parent company, Weiss Entities. With their events geared toward community building and their involvement in the Valparaiso community, he understands that they aren’t there to only provide homes, but to aid the community as well.

“They really want to get involved in the community. That will continue to grow, but their sense is very family oriented and we try to meet the needs of everybody,” explained Reynolds. “We have a good group of people here.”

Dedicated staff mean the world to making The Lakes of Valpo a great place to live. Reynolds attends all special events held in the community, giving him the opportunity to meet and familiarize himself with the residents. Taking pride in his work, leveraging his experience, and providing an upscale, luxury experience for residents is at the top of the priority list for Reynolds and the rest of The Lakes staff.

"Pete has been a tremendous asset to Weiss Entitites these last four years. He began his career with us at our sister community where he led and trained a team of technicians," added Angela Fielder, Vice President of Operations. "He has a sense of pride in what he does and the community he serves. He has always been willing to help in any situation and does so with an incredible attitude. We're thrilled to have Pete as a leader within our organization and are thankful for his dedication and hard work." 

For more information on the The Lakes of Valpo, visit: http://www.lovthelife.com/

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