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The Dujmovich Family: Representing Three Generations at ArcelorMittal

ArcelorMittal is represented by plenty of employees, many who have worked with family members at some point in time. For the Dujmovich family, three generations have found their way to ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor. With three of those members still working at the steel plant, the family has taken advantage of the great opportunity that ArcelorMittal has offered in the past and for the future.

The first family member, John J. Dujmovich, started as a welder at ArcelorMittal in 1969. John M. followed as a process automation engineer in 1993, and Amanda started in May 2017, also as a process automation engineer. Together, the three have a unique perspective on the plant.

“You can be as good as you want out here,” John J., the eldest of the family, said. “They give you the opportunity to excel. I like the opportunities and I like to train, I’ve always enjoyed learning and I like my job.”

John M. didn’t assume that he’d follow his father’s path after watching him work in the plant all those years. While he avoided it for some time, he eventually found his way into ArcelorMittal.

“I didn’t send my resume initially,” John M. said. “I didn’t see myself using my degree in this way. I had no idea that the level of computers and automation was so complex here. There are more than enough challenges - it keeps me busy.”

Amanda echoed her father, stating that she also never believed she’d be working for ArcelorMittal.

“I think I told my dad in high school after he made a joke, ‘No, that’s not for me.’ Then I ended up deciding to choose engineering my senior year of high school,” Amanda said. “There wasn’t anything else I could think of doing and I ended up liking it. The job security is a big push too.”

Though the father and daughter didn’t anticipate a future with ArcelorMittal, they’ve found their way into the company and now enjoy the opportunity and consistency offered. Through frequent training, tons of learning opportunities, and state-of-the-art technology, the pair have found plenty to enjoy.

“I saw this plant as the state-of-the-art, fully integrated plant. That’s why I came here. Any industry where they’re making good money can reward employees fairly well. Everyone shows up to make some money,” John M. said. “But you have to enjoy the work too.”

“For me, just seeing the opportunities my dad and grandpa had gave me an interest in ArcelorMittal,” Amanda said.

Benefits, training and the way ArcelorMittal operates as a company, are valued by the family. Because of this, the Dujmovich family is more than satisfied with the changes they’ve seen over time and what it’s like to work there today.

“I do think ArcelorMittal as a company is well run. Everything is done very professionally,” John M. said. “Everything they offer looks first class. The training, they have to do a lot of that from safety to conflicts of interest, everything they put out is first class.”

ArcelorMittal continues to be an excellent place to work, as well as a leader in the industry. For three generations of the Dujmovich family, it has provided an excellent opportunity to work well and close to home.

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