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Bucher Technologies Welcomes Nick Doud to the Team

In just over a month, Senior Technician Nick Doud feels right at home with the Bucher Technologies staff, and they quickly welcomed him as one of their own.

  “One thing I noticed right away in the interview is that Bucher has a laidback environment,” Doud said. “The staff is very relaxed, very family-oriented. I could tell they really value their employees here.”

   After a few weeks of employment with the company, Doud could confirm that his initial observations were correct. His skillset and temperament fit right in.

   Doud did not always anticipate the turns his career would take. Initially, he joined the Air Force with the intention of becoming a member of the Air Force Police. However, after some exams, Doud found himself working with computers and technology.

   “They said I scored high on the test. It is the military, they’re going to put you where they want you anyway!” he joked.

   Now that he’s been working with technologies, though, Doud doesn’t think he’ll ever go back.

   “It grew on me, and I knew it was always going to be around,” he said. “There are always going to be jobs in IT.”

   Doud handles just about any problem Bucher Technologies’ many customers call him with, from printers to servers.

   “I enjoy helping people get satisfactory IT service and making sure everything is working the way it needs to,” Doud said. “It’s part of my job to help them make sure they have smooth days and that their systems are doing what they want, so their business can be profitable.”

   Though the calls are constant, Doud always likes to push himself.

   “I’ve always tried to get myself to learn more, to grow and kind of be a jack of all trades in that way,” he explained. “I want to be good at a lot of things instead of being excellent at just one or two things.”

   Doud has been a native of Chesterton since his freshman year of high school, taking the three-year run with the Air Force before moving back to the Duneland area. He lives in Chesterton with his wife and two children. With the help of his kids, Doud moonlights in an outlet very different from his IT work.

   “My kids are extremely active in sports. They both play travel baseball for the Duneland Fliers, and I’m actually the head coach for my oldest kid’s team and an assistant coach for my youngest kid,” Doud said. “I coach them in other sports when I can, too; they play basketball and football, as well.”  

  Doud is a huge sports fan, so the coaching work is right in his arena. When asked whether he rooted for the Bears or the Colts, he said, “Neither! Detroit Lions.”

   Since he grew up in Detroit, we’ll give Doud a pass… Visit the Bucher Technologies website for more information on their services.


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