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Terry's Discount Windows & More Spotlight: Doug Guthrie

From his past experience with family operated businesses, Doug Guthrie understands the advantages of a family environment in the work space. As Warehouse Manager and Services Manager at Terry’s Discount Windows & More, Guthrie spends much of his time receiving window shipments directly from the factory as well as working with our amazing customers. Other duties include ensuring that installers heading out to the customer’s homes have everything they need to complete the job. He does his best to consistently provide customers with high quality service for the ultimate Terry’s Discount Windows experience.

Guthrie’s time at Terry’s Discount Windows & More started in a unique way, as he was contacted directly for the position by Terry.

“I was working at the Valparaiso Car Wash across the street, where Terry was a regular customer. About two months ago he offered me an interview for the warehouse manager, and everything has worked out pretty well since,” Guthrie said.

Over time, Terry noticed that Guthrie had the qualities of a hard worker; observing his work ethic from afar, he believed that Guthrie was fit to fill the position of Warehouse & Services Manager.

“You never really have an idea where you will end up. I was born and raised in Portage. At 18, I joined the Army. After that I worked at the car wash for about a month, and now I’m here,” Guthrie said.

As an Army veteran, Guthrie has dedicated his time and talents to serve his country. Terry’s Discount Windows & More honors his past serving experience and believes that it has contributed to his dedicated and loyal mindset.

As a fully established member of the Terry’s team, Guthrie has acquired many duties under his wing and is still learning new skills from opportunities given to him every day.

“Every job is a different task. I take it day by day and try to learn as much as I can,” Guthrie said.

Another of Guthrie’s typical duties include receiving shipments and inventory on specialty items. He spends a balanced amount of time in and out of the facility.

“If there is an issue with a window or screen, I go out and fix that. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I work with the window installers,” Guthrie said.

Guthrie’s leadership role has molded into a great fit, as he continues to step up to the plate, willing to learn more in order to provide the highest quality service.

“I’m being able to continue to grow and expand. I’m gaining knowledge to become an expert on windows, doors and siding.” Guthrie said.

“I love the customer aspect of it. You get to meet a lot of great people with different backgrounds working at Terry’s Discount Windows,” Guthrie said. “This is a family owned and operated business, which is great. You get to really experience that type of love they have for each other and for the company.”

In his free time, Guthrie loves to spend time outdoors in nature with his family.

His last piece of advice? “Shop at Terry’s! They are very caring for their customers.”

For more information about Terry’s Discount Windows & More’s exceptional products, prices and service, visit their website. Check out their gallery and meet the whole team!

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