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Ashley Halpern Invigorates Albert’s Diamond Jewelers with Collection and “Wonder Women”

The best ideas come in two parts. While this fact may not be carved in stone anywhere, Ashley Halpern and her husband, Josh, certainly proved it when it came to generating ideas for Albert’s Diamond Jewelers.

Early this year, Josh, President of Albert's Diamond Jewelers, approached Ashley with an idea to create something unique for their clients. The couple put their heads together and set about creating the Ashley Lauren Collection, an exclusive line of jewelry with Ashley’s own singular touch. Employing her extensive knowledge of jewelry, Ashley got straight to work.

“Putting my creativity to use was really special for me,” Ashley revealed. “I’ve been in the jewelry business for 16 years, so it wasn’t just sitting down with paper and sketching; there was a lot of thought behind the designs because of the technical knowledge I have in jewelry.”

Ashley wanted to create something beautiful that her customers could wear every day.

“Design integrity is really high on our list. We wanted the collection to be on par with other items in the store,” she said. “You don’t have to just wear [one of the pieces] for special occasions—you can wear it all the time if you want to.”

In addition to the pieces being beautiful, many of are unique in design.

“A lot of the pieces in the collection are one of a kind, and they’ll speak to someone on a personal level,” Ashley said. “I wanted each piece to be something long-lasting and durable, but also meaningful and special for that person.”

Albert’s Diamond Jewelers recently hosted a gala where they unveiled the jewelry line.

“[Launching] the line was a really special moment for me, in part because it was a collaboration between my husband and myself, but also because I’m a mother of two,” Ashley explained. “Both of my kids had heard us talk, they’d seen me sketching, but they didn’t really have an idea of what this would mean physically. Seeing the drawings become jewelry in showcases…they were really surprised by it!”

One special memory stood out to Ashley.

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“There was this one moment where my daughter, who’s 6, looked up at me and she had her head resting on the case in front of the collection,” Ashley remembered. “She just kind of looked up at me with these big brown eyes of hers and—I know it sounds cheesy, but it really did happen—she just gave me this look like she was so proud of me.”

Ashley snapped a picture of the moment, wanting to capture the surge of emotions she felt to return to later.

“My daughter looked up at me like I was a real role model for her. Girls often look up to their moms, but I feel like she saw another side of me and saw just how hardworking moms are,” Ashley said. “She realized that Mommy can do lots of things.”

The dozens of Albert’s customers who flitted about that day were impressed by the line and also by the recent photoshoot from the Albert’s Diamond Jewelers magazine: “Wonder Women.”

Over the summer, Ashley and Josh, with help from Christine Martinez, Marketing Coordinator and Social Media Director, and Emma Roque, Fine Jewelry Fashion Manager, spearheaded the idea to showcase their clients—in particular, women who inspire them—in the deluxe holiday magazine released each November.

“We wanted to represent women at different ages and stages of life,” Ashley said. “We have young mothers; women who are grandmothers; businesswomen who are representing their communities; women who embrace, all around, what it means to be an empowered woman in their own right, whatever that might be—it means different things to different people.”

Narrowing down the number of women to invite was “next to impossible,” Ashley said, but aside from that challenge, the result was spectacular. Every woman involved embraced her photoshoot. Along from the chance to model some exquisite jewelry, each woman got to reveal a little bit of what makes her special, what motivates her, and who she looks up to.

“I was looking at everyone’s faces as they were getting their photos taken and it was a really giddy moment for them,” Ashley said. “They took direction well, and it was so fun to see women who were like, ‘Oh my gosh, I never thought I’d be in a magazine!’ Here we are, all different shapes and sizes and ages, modeling our hearts out.”

Ashley, the Albert’s team, and gala attendees felt that the photoshoot was the perfect way to kickstart a new annual tradition.

“Everyone has been supportive of what we’ve done, and we look forward to doing something like this in the future,” Ashley said. “I think the timing is right with this one—we wanted to acknowledge the women we love in our community and people that have become very special to us.”

While she’s already busy brainstorming a new photoshoot theme for next year, this year has revealed that Ashley’s a true Wonder Woman.

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