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Newest Porter County Master Recycler, Nora Sasse, on her Passion for Recycling

Porter County Master Recycler, Nora Sasse, has a passion for conservation that has pushed her to bring that dedication to a higher level. Sasse became the 20th person to earn the distinction of Master Recycler since the program began in 2014. She gained this title recently after completing over 30 hours of volunteer hours as well as classroom and field trips, which included going to recycling facilities to see where our recycling goes.

“I have been in conservation my whole life. I was raised very ecologically minded; my parents were from Europe, so I was recycling before it was really even a word,” said Sasse, whose parents met on their boat ride to America in the 1950’s

The program, through Porter County Recycling & Waste Reduction, was a rewarding outlet for Sasse to put her enthusiasm for the environment into, providing her with a great educational experience. Through this program she learned a great deal and was given plenty of opportunities to tour facilities and volunteer in the community. She will become part of a pool of volunteers who will help to spread more knowledge in the community on how to reduce waste and protect the environment.

“It’s great to learn how all of us could do better in taking care of our Earth. If we were all a little better educated in the consequences, we can make a greater difference,” said Sasse. “They [Porter County Recycling] are an excellent organization. They do a lot with and for, community. For instance, I just volunteered with the Master Gardener show and we touched a lot of people.”

A lot of Sasse’s dedication comes from her love of Northwest Indiana and her eagerness to preserve and protect the natural environment here.

“I like the ecological diversity here. We have a very diverse ecosystem, it is very unique, and I particularly find joy in the preservation of it and trying to honor the beauty that we have,” stated Sasse. “I’m a lifelong Hoosier from Northwest Indiana, so, I want to improve this place and find more positive things to do with my affiliations. I’ve seen a lot of changes in the years growing up here and I want to see more of them be positive.”

Having been through the program herself and seeing how it has heightened her own awareness to the issues facing the Northwest Indiana community, Sasse is enthusiastic about recommending it to others who might be interested.

“It’s not cost prohibitive, they keep it low to touch as many lives as possible and the people who have been through it can pay it forward and touch more lives. I couldn’t speak more highly of it, they make it fun, and if everyone took a little more time and energy, locally and globally, we’d have a cleaner Earth,” explained Sasse. “I’ve always been very conscientious. In elementary school where I grew up in Gary, there was a pollution song that we used to sing that has always stuck with me. There was an effort with the nearby mills to be aware of what we’re doing.”

“Every little bit done in a positive way can build a better tomorrow, and finding new ways to be more conscientious through business or private opportunities, every bit helps.”

For more information on the Master Recycler Program, Visit: www.PorterCountyRecycling.org or call 219-465-3819.


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