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Tuesday Talks with Mayor Uran: Tavern on Main

Located in the heart of Crown Point on the square, Tavern on Main Street was where this month’s “Tuesday Talks with Mayor Uran” meeting was held. The event brought together about 20 or so city residents and Crown Point Mayor David Uran, himself, this morning. The first Tuesday of every month, the Crown Point Mayor invites residents out to Tuesday Talks to directly address concerns and offer solutions to residents that have reached out to the city with questions.

“It’s an opportunity for residents to come out, have a casual meeting with the mayor, ask their questions, find out what’s going on in Crown Point, and it seems to work really well,” said Diana Bosse, Special Events Administrator for the city of Crown Point.

When the meeting started, Mayor Uran didn’t hesitate to jump straight into the stack of notecards that contained residents’ comments and questions, or as he referred to it: “the meat and potatoes.”

Lately for the residents of Crown Point, there were quite a few ups and downs in the cards that revolved around Mother Nature.

“We live in Northwest Indiana so we’re not out of the woods anytime soon here with the snow,” stated Mayor Uran.

Between the 35 plows that the city utilizes for snow removal and the 145 miles of road that the snow piles up on, snow removal can be a challenge. The city of Crown Point has been able to address the issue by working as hard as they can to keep incorporated residential roads clear.

“Our guys have done a great job at maintaining the roads and making sure that they’re open for business and travel for the vehicles that drive on their streets,” said Mayor Uran.

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Other issues discussed, like traffic intersections and traffic, were easily fixable. In attendance was the director from Crown Point Public Works, a resource that was able to offer a solution to some residents’ problems. While there are some places where the city has no part in decision-making, Mayor Uran assured those gathered that petitions or outstanding concerns sent into the city will be redirected to those who can fix that issue for them.

Bigger concerns, such as city water lines busting, which can leave soapy, unrinsed residents stuck in the middle of a shower and businesses like hospitals and schools without water for periods of time until the city can turn the water back on, are also discussed during Tuesday Talks.

“Coming to these talks helps us hear the concerns of the community, and the things that we get here aren’t hard fixes – they’re fixes that make you feel better about your community. If you’re happier about your community, you walk around with a smile on your face and think this is the best place to live,” Mayor Uran said before wrapping up the meeting. “That translates into other things too – your energy level goes up, your positivity goes up, the interconnection with your neighbor goes up, you’re out there fixing up your homes, you’re out here enjoying the amenities that are brought to you. Whether that’s a park or a great location like Tavern on Main Street with quality food and product – it’s just a domino effect of success.”

The city encourages residents to come out for a meeting with the mayor to help continue to improve Crown Point.

“That’s our tagline – building a stronger community from within – that means everybody here,” said Mayor Uran.

The next Tuesday Talks with Mayor Uran will be held at the McDonald’s in Crown Point, located north of the square on Main Street, on March 6 at 8 a.m.


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