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Know What You Can and Cannot Recycle on America Recycles Day with Porter County Recycling and Waste Reduction

November 15th is America Recycles Day, which encourages people to learn more about recycling, pledge to do more recycling, and act accordingly in the future. Porter County Recycling & Waste Reduction is working hard to educate the community on what can and cannot be recycled, and encourages all to participate in America Recycles Day this year.

But, before you pledge to toss everything in the blue bin or utilize the drop-off locations, take a moment to find out what can be recycled, and what needs to be taken to a specialized facility or collection site.

Accepted Curbside:

• Newspapers and sales papers
• Catalogs and phone books
• Paperback books
• File folders, office paper, glossy paper, envelopes
• Junk mail
• Magazines
• Paper bags
• Flattened cardboard and paperboard boxes

Glass Bottles and Jars
• Clear and colored glass containers

Aluminum, Tin, and Other Metal Cans
• Pop Cans
• Soup Cans
• Coffee Cans
• Vegetable Cans and lids
• Aluminum trays and pie tins

• Water bottles, pop bottles, juice bottles
• Soap bottles
• Coffee creamer bottles
• Cooking oil bottles
• Household cleaner bottles
• Milk and juice jugs

• Milk, juice, soup, broth, and juice boxes
• Wine, cream and beverage cartons
• Cardboard egg cartons

Not Accepted Curbside:

• Shredded paper
• Used paper plates or greasy pizza boxes
• Tissue paper
• Gum and candy wrappers
• Paper cups or towels
• Soiled cardboard
• Self stick labels

• Flat glass, window panes
• Mirrors
• Light bulbs
• Dinner and drink ware
• Ceramics
• Pyrex

Aluminum, Tin, and Other Metal Cans
• Aerosol cans
• Hangers
• Large Scrap Metal

• Large storage bins
• Takeout containers
• Black food trays
• Bubble wrap, plastic wrap
• Plastic bags or storage bags
• Flex packaging and straws
• CD/ DVD cases
• Solo cups
• Hard plastic packaging
• Packaging peanuts
• Prescription bottles
• Motor oil containers
• Clothes hangers
• Vinyl siding
• Styrofoam

• Ice cream cartons
• Mattresses
• Diapers
• Wood
• Hazardous waste
• Clothing, shoes, furniture
• Electronic waste, batteries
• Tires
• Yard waste
• Garden hoses

For any questions regarding recyclable materials, please contact Porter County Recycling and Waste Reduction at (219) 465-3694, or visit their website here!

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