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Winning (17 State Titles) Ain't Easy

Science Crime Busters, Road Scholars, and Wright Stuff are all events at the National Science Olympiad . Perhaps you have heard of Science O., but if you have not, you should know that one of the Nation’s best teams resides right here in Valparaiso. 8th Grade Science teacher Richard Bender coaches the 2-time national champion Thomas Jefferson Middle School Science Olympiad team. The competition consists of 23 events that test all areas of science including Life Science, Earth/Space Science, and Engineering. The team consists of 10 students from TJMS and 5 High School Freshmen who attended TJMS. This year, the team won Regional competition in February, and moved on to the State competition where they won their 17th state title in March,...

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ConGRADulate Your Grad!


Once again, the weather is warming, the days are lasting longer, and all around town; students young and old are rejoicing that they have graduated! ValpoLife.com wants to help you congratulate your graduate in a very special way. Whether they have just stumbled out of kindergarten, or have boldly walked on stage to receive their high school or college diploma, let us help you tell them "Great Job!" in a very special way.

The Valparaiso Noon Kiwanis Club Foundation Sponsors Its Eighth Annual Volunteer Recognition Program

kiwanaawardThe Valparaiso Noon Kiwanis Club Foundation sponsored its Eighth Annual Volunteer Recognition program on May 27.  The Foundation presented plaques to all the nominated volunteers and a $500 donation to the Valparaiso High School Key Club.  The program was initiated to celebrate and promote volunteerism within our community.  Nominated volunteers are pictured (Left to right) Joyce Brown nominated by Opportunity Enterprises; Harry Lowenthal nominated by Rebuilding Together; Angela Fox nominated by the Sunrise Kiwanis Club; Lucie Whitlow nominated by the Porter County Museum and Historical Society; Myron Knauff nominated by the VHS Key Club,...

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Local Valpo Girl Becomes Indy 500 Princess

chequeredflagFrancesca Johnson was born in Hammond but raised in Valparaiso her entire life. She attended Saint Paul School and then Valparaiso High School. She says "Valparaiso was definitely an amazing community to grow up in. I made such great friends and was surrounded by wonderful, supportive people my entire life. The Valparaiso community instilled in me a sense of responsibility and surrounded me in an environment that encouraged service and commitment to helping others."


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Fifth Grade Goes on Vacation

The fifth grade class wrapped up their final social studies project of the year this week. Each student picked a state to learn more about and wrote a research paper and did a presentation on that state. The presentations were were set up in the art room and the students of Saint Paul were given the opportunity to travel to twenty-nine different states in one day. The kids saw a crabs in Maryland, Hershey's chocolate in Pennsylvania, apples from New York, and painted mountains in Arizona. They sampled different foods on their visit to each state offered. In the "Beaver State", a dam was being built and Hawaii had the hula girls dancing and pineapples growing. Virginia offered delicious ham and Florida shared their Key Lime pie.

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All Fun and Games in Art Class

Eighth grade art students developed, designed, and created original board games in art class. The students completed the project by using many skills including design, layout, production, and communication. Working in groups, each produced a completely playable work of art. For one whole class period the groups traded their games and gave peer evaluations of every game they played.

McCaul Sawina noted one particular difference with this project, "Usually when we do art, it's for ourselves. It's very individual, but this time we really had to think about our audience." For some students, that was quite a challenge. Stephanie Krol thought "this was a new way to share...

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Mothers Day Tea

Last Friday, our class transformed the classroom into a lovely tea room for our moms to celebrate Mother's Day. We presented our moms with hand-made flowers, escorted them to their seats, and provided tea and treats to begin the celebration. Pictures were taken of each student with their mom. Then, once all the moms were comfortable, we presented a store called "Going Out to Dinner with Mom" in which two students were trying to convince their friend why we celebrate Mother's Day. The story had songs just for mom interjected throughout. Afterward, the students presented their moms with candy jar gifts that we made in class. It was a lovely afternoon. I believe we succeeded in providing a wonderful memory for every mom.

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Future Surgeons

Half-day Kindergarten has been studying careers and considering what they might be when they grow up. Our guest speakers have run the gamut from

  • Mother/Homemaker-Mrs. Hartman
  • Dental Hygienist-Mrs. Sur
  • Patent Attorney- Mr. Hartman
  • Surgeon- Dr. Favor
  • Orthopedic Surgeon- Dr. Levenda

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Staff Appreciation Week

This has been a Staff Appreciation Week to remember! When I asked for parents to help with Staff Appreciation Week, I was overwhelmed with responses. I really was not surprised because I know how much our staff is loved and appreciated and I also know that the Saint Paul Catholic School families are the best.

The breakfast spread on Monday morning was amazing. Thank you to all of the moms who got up early so our staff could feast on coffeecake, muffins, fruit, bagels, and cinnamon rolls. A special thanks to Maria Herren and Natalie Mroz who spent the entire day giving manicures to our...

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VFW in Valparaiso Remembers Veterans Year Round

Veterans of Foreign Wars – Hayes Post 988

Senior Vice Commander Richard Law of the VFW Post in Valparaiso had many heartfelt words to say about the VFW and Veterans alike. Richard claims that the entire goal of VFW is not only to confide at a national level, but to reach into the grass roots of the community and offer exposure to families of Veterans as well. Our very own Valparaiso Post collects donations year round and sends all of the money to the National Home Benefit for Families of Veterans. ...

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Say Thank You Valpo to Those Who Serve

Continuing throughout this Memorial Day week, ValpoLife.com will be running a special tribute to those whom have served our country. We strongly encourage the Valparaiso community to honor the good people that have served or are currently serving in our nation’s military by sending in a photo and a quick note to publicly honor these folks. You can either email us these photos directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or if you are a member of the site, you can upload them directly by going to our Read more

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