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Pumps Fitness Wraps New Year’s Revolution Challenge

While New Year’s Resolutions spawn from the best of intentions, everyone can agree that they are often a challenge to stick to. Who hasn’t started the year with a vow to improve some aspect of his or her life, only to get bogged down by the pressure or by sheer routine?

Valparaiso’s Pumps Fitness owner and head trainer, Ian Bowen, cited this as one of the inspirations behind his six week challenge, designed to springboard Pumps-goers into shape. Shying away from the word “resolution,” Bowen instead made use of the word “revolution” to inspire his trainees.

“I don’t care for the word resolution,” Bowen stated. “I think about, what, 8% or 9% of people actually keep their New Year’s Resolutions?” He would be correct: according to a 2013 study from University of Scranton, only 8% of Americans stick to their New Year’s goals. Cheers to Bowen, for knowing his statistics!)

Bowen wanted to focus on energizing and motivating his patrons, not allowing them to entertain the notion of failure from the outset.

“That’s why we called it a revolution,” Bowen continued. “So that people felt they could step up to the plate and accomplish that transformation they wanted to see without the idea that this was just another year, another resolution.”

Pumps Fitness’s New Year’s Revolution Challenge came to a head February 24th, and Bowen and co. held a luncheon celebration at Pumps headquarters. Prizes were given to the trainees who showed the most transformative results. In particular, the highest prizes went to those who lost the most body weight percentage in the six-week interim.

Laughter, playful ribbing, veggie munching, and applause ensued as each plaque (and corresponding gift certificate for a local restaurant or activity) was awarded to its respective winner. Bowen and fellow trainer, Daniel Delaney, encouraged the attendees to share with them their favorite and least favorite workouts. Each time someone shared a new least favorite, everyone else collectively piped in with a groan of agreement.

As illustrated through the commiserating and cheering on of one another, camaraderie is a plus when it comes to working out. Pumps Fitness flaunts a close-knit and welcoming bunch.

Mary Ann Chapman, a regular at Pumps since October and recipient of the 3rd Place prize, expressed her satisfaction with her progress, as well as the Pumps atmosphere.

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“The nice thing about it here is that everybody knows everybody—and everybody is supportive and friendly,” Chapman said enthusiastically.

“[I joined because] as I’m getting older, I know I need to strengthen my bones, which requires weight work, and I didn’t want to use weights without knowing how to work them correctly because I didn’t want to hurt myself,” Chapman continued, advocating the benefits of working with a personal trainer. “I do pilates and some of the small group classes. I have definitely gotten stronger, and I’ve definitely lost weight.”

Chapman also praised the personal attention that comes with smaller classes. Maria Morris, a longtime frequenter at Pumps, seconded the praise.

“My favorite thing about Pumps is the ease of getting in a good workout,” Morris said. “It’s fast, and there of lots of choices when it comes to times [for sessions]. Plus, working in smaller groups is great.”

Bowen summarized the advantages of working out at Pumps Fitness with a fitting analogy.

“If you’re doing something for the first time, or you want the best results, you go to the experts,” Bowen said. “If you want a certain hairstyle, you go a stylist. If you want something medical addressed, you go to a doctor. If you want to get in the best shape, you work out with a trainer who knows what they’re talking about.”

New Year’s Revolution may have wrapped up for now, but starting on March 5th, Pumps Fitness will kick off its Spring Break Special—a 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program. The goal?

“To get you ready for Spring Break!” Bowen exclaimed. “So you can feel good and look good when you go on vacation!”

Registration is open now at http://www.pumpsfitnessinc.com.


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