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Life Care Center of Valparaiso Receives 5-Star Rating

Life Care Center of Valparaiso has been celebrating some great news lately. The team was recently awarded a 5-star rating by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, an achievement which has generated much excitement around the facility!

This 5-star rating comes as a reward for much hard work on behalf of the team within the building. Rated on annual surveys, staffing, and other performance factors, the team at Life Care Center of Valparaiso has fought hard to achieve this status. As members of the team throughout the facility go forward, they know that their hard work is contributing toward not just a good rating, but a good reputation with the community.

“I think the public is becoming more able to determine which facilities are good and which aren’t,” explained Executive Director, Amber Janeczko. “For us to achieve the 5-star rating is definitely something. It’s always our goal.”

This distinguishing feature for their facility not only sets them apart as a top performer in their field, but also opens a door to more patients and referrals in the future. As hospitals, both local and out of state, take notice, the facility can expect additional attention. Cathy Ellis, Marketing Director for the Life Care Center of Valparaiso, was quick to mention just one of the many benefits the facility and those in need may receive from this 5-star rating.

“We’re hoping to bring new people in that haven’t been with us before,” explained Ellis. “I think we have a wonderful therapy department and we can give more people that opportunity.”

The rating also proves beneficial for staff within the building as it provides a morale boost and evidence that their hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed. With a prominent banner on the building to display their 5-star status, staff can be proud to walk into a facility which they know they contribute to in a positive way.

“People want to work at a facility that is a good performer,” said Janeczko. “Without those people, we wouldn’t have these kinds of results…Achieving a 5-star [rating] is very difficult. It’s not a common thing.”

For Valparaiso, having a 5-star facility is a valuable asset for the community. For Life Care Center of Valparaiso, achieving this goal is a huge step, and it is something they plan to maintain for the future. Congratulations to the team at Life Care Center of Valparaiso on this huge accomplishment!

Life Care Center of Valparaiso
3405 N. Campbell Road, Valparaiso, IN 46385
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