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Chesterton Physical Therapy Opens Up a New Location in Michigan City

With over 20 years of experience, Chesterton Physical Therapy is opening their second location in Michigan City. Chesterton PT will begin offering their services to patients the Monday following its grand opening that’s being held on March 16.

In its tenth year of business, Chesterton PT learned that for many of their patients who live in places like La Porte, Chesterton has been just a little too far of a drive to make it in to the clinic. After analyzing those areas, Chesterton PT concluded that there were not very many good-quality physical therapy service providers to choose from out that way, which is one of the main reasons why they’re opening the second location.

“That was a driving force because the patients told us how good we were, but that they’ve been to other therapy places there and were not happy or satisfied,” explained Dr. Dimple Singh, PT, and DPT of Chesterton Physical Therapy who will be overseeing both locations to ensure the same level of care and service is provided. “After we heard enough of that and quite a few patient requests had been there, we analyzed the area.”

Patients who live further away will now have a closer location with better quality of service specializing in it all: neck, mid back, low back, hip, knee, shoulder, elbow, hand, wrist, ankle, and foot conditions. Knowing the best practices to use on patients in a physical therapy clinic, Chesterton PT takes pride in their innovation to customize treatment plans for patients. The Chesterton clinic keeps in mind that not one treatment has the same effect on everyone.

Dr. Singh said, “It’s not like a cookie cutter or one size fits all.”

As a top-notch clinic in private practice that specializes in chronic pain, Chesterton PT plans to continue giving their patients great outcomes while providing individuals with additional expertise on injury prevention, women’s health, and senior fall prevention.

“Our main focus is to be able to help people to live with less pain or no pain without use of medications or injections – more like a natural way of helping their bodies heal and getting them back to functioning and enjoying what they enjoy doing,” said Dr. Singh.

When it comes to the Chesterton PT team, satisfaction is found in improving the lives of others. Whether it’s a patient finally getting a full night of the right sleep or walking around a city all day without pain, that’s what success is for the physical therapy clinic, and it’s a success they prove to attain. Some outcomes have been as drastic as patients who didn’t believe they would walk again, walk, and even go back to work after a surgery and or not being able to stand for long periods of time.

“There are safer options for pain. They don’t have to live in pain,” said Dr. Singh. “The one thing we tell our patients is that pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice. You can choose not to live in pain.”

Some patients that come in saying they’ve tried anything and everything and have given up on the idea that they can get better, that is until they become a patient at Chesterton PT.

“We try to make it fun for people coming in for therapy. We know people are in pain,” stated Dr. Singh. “They already are suffering and when they come in for therapy, we try and give them a very positive experience. It’s very interactive.”

Chesterton PT is excited to continue its care and services through an extension out to Michigan City and LaPorte County residents. To learn more about Chesterton Physical Therapy, visit http://www.chestertonpt.com/.  

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