Mothers honored at Sand Creek Country Club's annual Mother's Day Brunch

Written by Beth Ireland on May 13, 2019

Dressed in their Sunday best, many families gathered at Sand Creek Country Club today for the annual Motherís Day Brunch. This event was a time for mothers to enjoy a delicious meal in a beautiful setting with their families and guests, and the best part was that there was no cooking or cleaning up!

ďItís nice to be treated special on Motherís Day and to be with your family,Ē said Phyllis Navetta, a Motherís Day Brunch guest.

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Sand Creek Country Club employees also enjoy seeing their guests be treated well.

ďI like seeing all the members come together and who doesnít like to celebrate Mom?Ē said Director of Food and Beverage at Sand Creek Country Club, Amy Cushway. ďI have been here for 27 years and have done this event 27 times. Itís a tradition thatís been here as long as I have. Itís a simple family bonding time today to celebrate Moms.Ē

2Sand-Creek-Country-Club-Mothers-Day-Brunch-2019For more than 25 years, Sand Creek Country Club has been celebrating mothers at their annual brunch. The staff spends more than a month preparing for the day and each staff member works hard to ensure that mothers have an exceptional time.

ďThis is a celebration of mothers. Mothers are very important and the bond between a mother and her child is amazing,Ē said Angela Wronko, Catering Sales Manager at Sand Creek.

3Sand-Creek-Country-Club-Mothers-Day-Brunch-2019Attendees of the brunch enjoyed a packed buffet that included omelet and carving stations. Many delicious desserts were available and there was even a childrenís food table with hot dogs and chips. There were plenty of tasty choices for all palates.

Todayís brunch was a great time for generations of women to come together and enjoy time with their families. Smiles and hugs were in abundance as grandmothers, mothers, and daughters all celebrated each other.

4Sand-Creek-Country-Club-Mothers-Day-Brunch-2019The Motherís Day brunch is a great opportunity for club members to catch up with each other before summer activities begin. The sun-filled dining rooms were full of laughter and conversation as neighbors and friends visited with each other.

ďThis was my first time celebrating Motherís Day at Sand Creek Country Club, so it was very special. The food was delicious, and it was great seeing neighbors and friends. This is a great place to gather and enjoy special occasions,Ē said club member Colleen Kim.

5Sand-Creek-Country-Club-Mothers-Day-Brunch-2019This event is an important one for Sand Creek Country Club. The desire to celebrate Moms and give them a special time is evident. Motherís are the reason we are all here and itís important to honor them.

ďWe are family-oriented, so bringing family together and building those family relationships, honoring mothers is important. Iím excited to see many families and the joy in everybodyís faces as they come together,Ē said Wronko.

The Motherís Day brunch at Sand Creek Country Club was a terrific event. Mothers felt special and families were able to gather together and enjoy each otherís company. Thatís how you have an awesome Motherís Day Brunch.