Levin Tire Employee Spotlight: Clint Powell

Written by Kole Rushmore on June 5, 2019

As one of the leading auto repair shops in the Region, Levin Tire & Service Center ensures that they hire the best technicians. In fulfilling their promise to offer the best experience, Levin Tire has expanded their expertise to diesel automotive with the addition of a new diesel technician.

Meet Clint Powell, Levin Tire Highland’s only certified diesel technician. Powell attended Nashville Auto Diesel College and has nearly a decade of experience. Reflecting on his success in becoming one of Levin Tire’s lead technicians, Powell credits his mom for making the decision to attend college.

“Going to college was a Mother’s Day gift,” he said. “I asked her what she wanted for Mother’s Day and she said she wanted me to go to college. I ended up falling in love with it. There was something about diagnosing and trying to find out what the issue was. It was like a puzzle, and I like solving puzzles.”

Like anything with an engine, there are a million things that could go wrong with a diesel automotive. Diesel engines are built to be durable, reliable and are designed to use their own compression to ignite fuel. They’re built without spark plugs—instead, they use glow plugs to start and run more efficiently in colder temperatures. With that being said, diagnosing a diesel engine when a problem has occurred can be extremely hard to do. Expert technicians like Powell at Levin Tire are pros at getting to the cause of the problem and preventive care. Keeping your diesel engine components—such as glow plugs, fuel injectors, and turbochargers—in working order extends the life of the engine while promoting overall vehicle maintenance.

“I love working on diesel engines,” Powell said. “Especially now with how efficient they are. They’ve come a long way and are now more efficient and burn cleaner, especially compared to gasoline engines.”

Powell has worked at several different automotive repair centers but working at Levin Tire has been the best experience for him by far.

“This is a great place to work,” Powell said. “I’m here for the long run because of how great it is to work here. It’s the best job I’ve ever had, and with us now being able to service diesel engines, the business is really going to be able to grow. I’m the only certified diesel tech at this location, but I like the challenge.”

For more information on Levin Tire and their services, visit www.levintirecenter.com.